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Don’t know why people start making assumptions when they saw someone with extra beauty, Is it really not possible to have excellent beauty without being plastic surgery, so is the case with Emma Watson, She is truly a beautiful Girl grown up into woman now, We are not just saying this after looking at her eyes, But in reality she is quite beautiful that many people even her fans also think that her beauty is because she has undergone plastic surgery to enhance her beauty.
World knows her ever since she was in Harry Potter movies, kids from all over the world even we all really witnessed her being transformed from little girl to fully grown lady.
But this is not hidden that film business is not like a fairy tales, here if you wanted to be on top positions and get good amount of money for your work, you have to be very good in acting as well as very good looking which she is, and we all know about her acting.
There is saying in the film industry that if you wanted to stay on charts, you have to keep your body and face as attractive as always, you can not supposed to go down, but regardless to your age you have to improve, you are allowed to anything to get that look, so that people keep guessing your beauty secrets. we want to find out if Emma Watson also one of these actress who believe in body alterations or her body and face are just as natural as they used to be in past.

Let’s find out!

Before & After Photos

We tried to analyze many many pictures of Emma taken from social sites, from time to time, after she become famous. These pictures can help us in understanding what were the changes occurs in her appearance over the time. What were the reasons of her transformation, was there any sign of plastic surgery, nose job or breast implants, we will investigate all this by looking at her pictures very closely.

Has Emma Watson Had A Nose Job?

Has Emma Watson Had a Nose Job?


If you look at the right side picture you will find there is clear difference between picture on the left, her nasal bridge bit thicker and bulkier, that it appear in new photo. does this really pointing towards an indication, that she might have done minor rhinoplasty to have those features. If you look at her picture more closely you will also see that the top nose bridge have small hump, which appear to be corrected with the help of probably some nose job. What you guys think?

Did Emma Have Braces & Teeth Veneers?

Emma Watson


Emma Watson really have beautiful smile as always, and her teeth have been one of major assets she has, Her teeth looks pretty as always, you can not found too much difference between these two images, if we talk about her teeth, they are bit similar as previously. But yes in previous picture photo she used to have braces, which seems to be corrected now in the later picture of her. Just based on the braces were gone now, we suspecting her as if she is taking some dental procedure to keep you gorgeous smile..

Does She Have Breast Implants?

Did Emma Have a Boob Job?


If we talk about her boobs, they has not been a big topic of talking, among people who knows plastic surgery, still there are few critics who actually believe that her breast are in good shape now, due to breast augmentation procedures. But after closely looking at the many pictures of her we found that there were several occasions where her breast appear to be bigger and larger in size. We think because her body is naturally slim, it is very doubtful if she had breast implants, The most she might have done breast lift , this is the possibility we actually see after investing her pictures from the past.

Emma’s Beauty Transformation

Here we would like to talk about her transformation over the years, we will try to look at her pictures from past and present, they will help us know if she has changed and how much, what are the reasons does she have enhancements, to improve her beauty.

Early Days


Emma Watson when she was young

Year 1999

Emma Watson 1999

Year 2001

Emma Watson 2001
She won “Young artist award” for her leading role, you can see that she have eyebrows bit thicker with a sharp jawline, that same also appear in her later age pictures.


Year 2005

Emma Watson 2005

Year 2009

Emma Watson 2009Credit: Getty Images
At the age of 19 she was placed on 6 in the forb’s list of most valuable young stars” and she along earned more than 9 million in 2009 alone, and that’s massive for young star. You can see, she still have baby fat on her cheeks, and chin also has bit longer due to this, but her chest area seems to be bit flat at this time, and there were no major sign or boob job at all..

Year 2011

Emma Watson 2011Image Credit: Getty
This picture from Elle Style award show, in london, She is looking very gorgeous here with short hairstyle, you can see, she is bit healthier and looks like she have gain weight at this age, but we still not sure if she have any liposuction, rather we are just looking at her picture where she just gain some more weight.

Year 2013

Emma Watson 2013Photo Credit: WireImage

Year 2015

Emma Watson 2015Picture Credit: Getty Images
This picture is of OSCARS Red Carpet in 2015, she is showing her amazing slim body, yes, her boobs appear to be bit bigger here, but this can be just because of push up bras, instead we dive into speculation about her having boob implants. Also her butt also not that big in size, that we start spreading rumor about the but lift or implants. All looks natural here in this picture

Year 2016

Emma Watson 2016Photo Credit: FilmMagic
These lips are so cute, she really looking very good.

Year 2017

Emma Watson 2017Credit: Getty Images

Year 2018

Emma Watson 2018Picture Credit: Getty
She is in Vanity fair oscar party in Beverly Hills, she looks like having a longer face shape, so it is obvious that she hadn’t had any chin implants or jaw contouring treatment of any kind, Also she is not aged enough to be botox. One thing that we need to understand why many people think she have lip fillers? Just look at those lips, are they looking any puffed up, No we don’t think so, There are really no sign of being lip injection even. she is just having a red lipstick that’s all. some fan also think that she might have some treatment on her upper lip, but this is just rumor. and from our investigation we thought she haven’t yet using any surgical treatment, and nor she should, because she is too young, let her natural body grow..


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