Total Plastic Surgery Brings Kelis Additional Charm On Her Facial Area Following Surgery

The talented and funny actress in lots of amazing roles in such groundbreaking films and shows is Kelis. She has managed to do her own persona and funny aura appeared in the film she did with Kelis. She knows how to make sure that her fans enjoy her movie and experiences the fun striking them as they watch her acting. However, in this industry, talent should always be accompanied with more than just ordinary looks and in order for her to dominate as many as comedy movies as possible.

Kelis plastic surgery

Kelis after before plastic surgery

Having said so, she felt the motivation to make herself stand out by having a plastic surgery nose job as suggested by her friend in high school. It all rooted from her past experiences in her teen life. It all started when she made a movie with a really famous actress like her together, there was a little rivalry between the two were teasing each other and kidding around before their scenes, and a little joke was made about how pointy her nose wasn’t. And she took the joke a little seriously.

So, she decided that she has to have a plastic surgery nose job before doing another movie. So, she did have a plastic surgery nose job.She now has a pretty nose because of the plastic surgery but did you know that once denied the procedure done to her? Her first lie was that she was just having some facials to make her skin glow but not really.

Some fans saw her came out of the clinic from Beverly Hills with a bandage covering her nose and a pair of sunglasses to try to cover up. Her fans, however, don’t see the reason why she has to lie; they still love her still no matter what. As long as the nose won’t limit her comedy acting and talent, there will be no problem.

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