So you think Tom cruise had plastic surgery check after before pictures

This is name is not strange to anyone who likes to watch Hollywood movies, Tom Cruise also Thomas Cruise born in July 3 1962, emerged himself as successful American actor and producer. He has 3 Golden Globe awards on his name, also nominated thrice for academy awards. He performed as main lead actor in movie “Endless Love” when he was only 19 years old. This was beginning of her film career in Hollywood in 1996. He is still known for his super role as IMF agent for the movie “Mission: Impossible” series. The last movie of this series was released in year 2015 called “Rogue Nation”

In his career peak time, he was highest paid actor in 2012, If we go on figures, his 16 film crossed over $100 Millions only in United states, and about 23 Films grossed over 200 dollar in all over the world. In year 2017 his film have over 3.7 billion us dollar from US and Canadian box office, and more than $9 billion worldwide.

He was awarded for Best performance in Golden Globe awards for the movie “Born on the Fourth of July” in year 1990, in 1997 best performance in a motion picture in comedy/and musical category  for the movie jerry maguire; and for the movie Magnolia in year 2002 he was awarded best actor in supporting role in Golden Globe Awards so in total he have three for his name.

He is among the most handsome superstars of hollywood. He was heartthrob of teen when he was one of the most charming leading personality of hollywood.

Though he is a million dollar star, who have fame and name both, but due to his failure in marriage with mimi Roger, Nicole Kidman and katie holmes, He faces many controversies, all through his life.

But many of us definitely has to think what make this guy look always younger by his age. Did he used to go for regular cosmetic or some other kind of surgeries. I mean how one can be so handsome when he has already completed 4 decades as hardworking person. There has to be secret behind his charm, which is not dim even for few days. How he is still having perfect set of teeth, Did he get his face treated with some kind of face fillers? or if he did undergo a nose job also. Let try to find out answers to these questions by looking at the pictures comes from different shows, awards functions and social media.

Before & After Photos

Because there are too may evidence available on internet, that can be used to find out if he really had plastic surgery or these are just rumors that always aired for Tom. let us try to find out with few of his pictures, taken from time to time.


Tom Cruise’s Bad Teeth…FIXED!

Tom Cruise's Teeth

Hey look at this picture there has been a very big differen in his Teeth shape. Picture on the left is of about 35 years back, wow! that is really very bad. But What happened now, he is having diamond in his mouth. this is really magic or god gift or he is having some dental tooth fixing. At first anyone who see these pictures can easily shout lound, Hey this is perfect kind of dental implant or teeth fixing. Yes, he definitely had dental procedure, and he now has that bright, big and warmest smiles in hollywood Hey we are talking about Tom.


His Front Teeth Alignment

Tom Cruise's Front Teeth Alignment

Does Tom Have A Nose Job?

Did Tom Cruise Have A Nose Job?

He used to have a wider nasal bridge and larger nose tip. But looks at the new latest picture, it really looks like he might have undergone more than one nose job. You can see his after and before pictures above. In picture on right really looks more smaller and in amazingly in perfect shape adding more charm on his face. Actually one told one of report about his rhinoplasty in year 2016, at BAFTA Red carpet. But he did not talked about this in detail neither he comment on other question about when did he took first nose job and hoe often.


Did He Get Botox Injections?

Did Tom Cruise Get Botox Injections?


Has Tom Cruise Had A Face Lift?

Has Tom Cruise Had A Facelift?


What About Hair Transplant?

Did Tom Cruise Get Hair Transplant?


Tom’s Transformation

There is no doubt that he his really very handsome, his looks was responsible for so much love for him in the eyes of thousands of women. By looking at the below images we will try to find, how his facial and overall body figure and features have changes over past decades.

Early Days

Young Tom Cruise when he was a kidSource: Pinterest

Year 1981

Tom Cruise 1981Source: Facebook

Year 1986

Tom Cruise 1986Source: Twitter

Year 1990

Tom Cruise 1990Photo Credit: Getty

Year 1994

Tom Cruise 1994Credit: Getty Images

Year 1996

Tom Cruise 1996Source: Reddit
What do you think? He is really looking hot and very charming young man.

Year 2001

Tom Cruise 2001Image Credit: Getty

Year 2005

Tom Cruise 2005Photo Credit: WireImages
To keep his body in shape he used to follow really strict and to some extent bit embracing diet, Katie Holmes saw, all this how much exercise he used to do. actually He has to keep his body fit for the action roles in film. Though he is supposedly does stunts on his own. In order to keep his ideal body shape, Tom looks like have gotten liposuction procedure for his flat abs.

He is a person with whole lot of self confidence, because the women he used to date were usually more taller than him, but this never comes in the way he deal with these long ladies.


Year 2012

Tom Cruise 2012Source: Pinterest

Year 2016

Tom Cruise 2016Picture Credit: Getty
In above picture if you give a closer look you will find that his cheeks are looking too puffed, But he denies the use of any face injections this time, But fans never wanted him to look like this, they brought a huge flood of questions asking what happened to his face. Doctors also thought that he probably have gotten few round of cosmetic surgeries such as botox, before he went for red carpet.


Year 2017

Tom Cruise 2017Credit: Getty Images
This really look very interesting he is in his 55th year and still no white hair, Great no doubt he must be using hair dye to make himself look younger. At last his fillers now being settled down, Looks like he lost some weight and look as if he has a neck lift in above picture taken in 2017.

Year 2018

Tom Cruise 2018Source: Youtube
He is in his 6th film, there are noticeable wrinkles on his forehead..

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