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He is a filmmaker and american actor turning into his 70’s he was born on july 6, 1946. We know him as famous hollywood action movies. His movies like Boxer Rocky Balboa, completed 7 movies of Rocky Series from 1976 to 2015, Rambo movie series that were released between 1982 to 2008.

It was 1977 when Stallone nominated for 2 Oscar Awards for Rocky. namely Best Actor and Best Original Screenplay. he is among only 3 man in the history of Film, when someone was nominated for the same film. After Charlie Chaplin and Orson welles.

For the Movie Creed we won his first golden globe award and third Academy award nomination for the role of Rocky Balboa.

He was elder son of Frank stallone Sr. he was hairdresser and beautician her mother was former dancer and promoter of women’s wrestling. His father was born in Gioia del colle, can came to United states in 1930s.

Many people believe that he had plastic surgery to maintain his dynamic look, The reason behind this thought is as he is moving in his 72 years, and he is still looking dashing and fit, and punching over his weight. There fore we are forced to believe such speculations, Means how he is able to maintain such a perfect looking body at this age.

This is not easy to forget his amazing heroic roles in Movie “Rambo” and most favorite boxing movie “Rocky” But the real truth is that everyone has to become and get old. Just because he is looking perfect and handsome even at this age, speculations are obvious for having treatment from botox, facelift even to hair transplant. Such kind of rumors kept coming here and there for this guy of american film industry. Actually know why, because people keep noticing changes in his face and body over last few years.


Before & After Photos

Just to know more about the type of cosmetic surgeries sly might have got, Here in this post we are posting some of his photos that came in social media after she has became very famous, and we are trying to know more about his plastic surgery.

Hair Transplant?

Sylvester Stallone hair before and after
This picture is like a evident that he was having hair fall when he was younger, but when in compare that younger picture with picture when he was a famous actor, we actually was amazed to see, that he hair instead of falling more, starting regrowing. If he had a hair fall problem, by this age, he might have gone full bald, But This is did not happen, because he probably might have gone for hair transplant not only once but quite a few times.

Did Stallone Have Facelift & Botox?

Sylvester Stallone
This picture is perfect to examine his face beauty, because in the picture on left you can see that his skin started loosing its, elasticity and also look at the large wrinkles started appearing on his face very apparently. But when his later picture came up is social media, everyone was shocked to see, that his wrinkles were no more there, also his face also get its softness back. So don’t you think this can be a magic of some kind of facelift treatment. Not only this his cheeks now look more plump and it now extended upto his jawline and in neck area as well. You can see how full his cheekbones looks. This clearly suggests that , he also have undergone some botox injection and also brow lift.

Has Sylvester Had A Nose Job?

Has Sylvester Stallone has a nose job?

 Hey, look at this younger picture of his, where he is looking to have a broken nose, this was the picture when he even was not in the ring. We don’t know how and when he got his nose broken. But his nose still looks similar and it makes clear that he doesn’t have any nose job to make it straighten.

Sylvester’s Transformation

Let’s see how Stallone’s face have changed through the year. We’ll also take a look at how his body have transformed from being skinny to muscular.

We have many pictures of Stallon taken from time to time and arranged them in ascending order so that we can compare them and know the secret of his style and body transformation.

School Days

Young Sylvester Stallone in high school

Early Adulthood

Stallone in his early adulthood with normal body

Year 1976

Sylvester Stallone 1976 - In the movie, Rocky.

Year 1982

Stallone 1982 - Rambo Movie First Blood

Year 1993

Stallone 1993
This is picture when he was about 47 years old, and looking fantastic even at this age, we would like to give credit to his workouts in the gym..He has a long face shape having a narrow jawbones and a bigger chin but yes it looks like he did not take any chin implant.



Year 1996

Stallone 1996
In this picture he is 50 year old, and still looking really good, though it looks like as if he started losing his hair a bit. yes it looks like his hairline was surely declined. and this may be the time he might have started seeking some hair loss treatment.

Year 2003

Stallone 2003Photo Credit: Getty Images

Year 2006

Stallone 2006Image Credit: Bauer Griffin

Year 2008

Stallone 2008
This picture of sylvester was from his movie Rombo, started in year 2008. actually many people started wondering about his lip and reason why his mouth started lean to one side. But we believe this may be because the way he speak in action movies, and this leaning to one side may be the impact.

There have been rumors going on about him, that he might have a stroke that probably made him dead, but we think he did not have stroke, His lip shape was affected due to a nerve complication during his birth, and looks like that never is the reason why his left side face looks bit paralyzed.

Year 2014

Stallone 2014
After big block busters movies stallone, is even looking much better, than compared with pictures of few years ago. looks like high lost some weight and this may be because of age, His face skin is also become saggy, from losing the fat. But you can not say that he might’ve had facelift treatment around these years.

Yes, but his forehead looks bit smooth and no wrinkles there, therefore we are forced to suspect he might had a forehead lift and probably a neck lift as well. But if we are right, then his plastic doctors really has done amazingly best job.

Year 2017

Stallone 2017
He is in his 70s you must give full credit to this guy, he was able to maintain his look in excellent condition. Its true age started showing up on his skin, that become bit pale and dry. But no too many wrinkles, yes he does look he dyes his hair, But that’s probably not an issue.

Year 2018

Stallone 2018


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