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Irina shayk also know as Irina sheik born in 6th jan 1986, she is famous russian model actress, but it was 2007 when she actually recognized internationally when she signed brand face celebrity of Intimissimi Lingerie. In that year she appeared in the sports Illustrated swimsuit section. and she was the only Russian model ever found a place on the cover page in 2011. Based on her social media following ranked her at no. 8.

She has said about her look that most people say that she got the look of South American, that look inherited from her father, Because her father was dark skinned, and he was Tatar and sometimes Tatars can look lilke brazilian. Further she talked about her eyes, that she get from her mother. Tatiana is her sibling. When she was at age of 6, she started playing Piano and singing in the choir. Her mother wanted her to study music but when she was 14 her father died and her mother had to work on two jobs.

After high schooling she went for marketing studies but she could not succeed. and as a result she drop the idea of marketing and started going in beauty school with her older system. This was the place where is are asked to participate in the “Miss Chelyabinsk 2004” beauty contest.

She is famous actress as well as a supermodel, and its being 10 years now she has been there in the business of modeling and still dominating this section. Because she has got full lips, many many people in social media think these fuller lips are actually a result of Lip injections. She got her first break in year 2007 in a advertising campaigns. she has worked with big brand like Armani.

With brunette sexy body and sultry look, who would not agree that had plastic surgery, all these features get her enough push to be shown on cover pages of magazines like Vogue, vanity fair, Glamour and Elle, due to amazing personality her stardom also increased, over the years.

Here in this post we will try to find if her beauty is all natural or is it a result of regular procedures, she has been taking for a long time now, such as nose job, not only this many fans think that she might have been using some fae breasts as well or injected lip fillers to boost her beauty of her face.

 By face she always have been beautiful, but if you look at the below image you will surely found big different between current and younger picture, in which her breast are not as mature as of in the current picture. Not only this she herself told that she is not a fan of plastic surgeries, whatever she had is all natural and she really love whatever the size shape, or form they are in. She don’t like to be treated to give a boost in her figure.
Even though she denies any kind of plastic surgery, we still want to examine by looking at various pictures that are coming from social sites, and posted by her self as well. These pictures can be great of great help..
We definitely are not expert, we are just giving our views on various pictures, her beauty can be due to regular exercise or good diet plan, she might by following regularly to keep her body in such a shape. So you must not take these views very seriously..we want to leave it on you.


Before & After Photos

Does Irina Shayk Have Breast Implants?

Did Irina Shayk Have Boob Job?As she has been doing swimsuit ads, and as model, her boobs definitely are her best friends in building her career, if they were not as good as they are, she might not be doing modeling, But still if you look at the picture above you will find in the pink dress, her boobs are looking more mature and bigger in size and in much better shape, what is the reason behind this.

Actually after looking at this image anybody would say, that she might have gone some boob job surgery, or even have gotten breast implants, in order to improve her sexy frame. But some of her friends or fans seems to be defending her that she might have got perfect size bra or have done some kind of breasts setting, that why they are looking that much bigger and in perfect shape, we must not forget that she is regular in doing undergarment campaigns. And it is Obvious she already knows many tricks on how to look better in such dresses.


Actually One of best Cosmetic Surgeon of Miami, Give his opinion and he confirmed that Irina’s boobs doesn’t look as if they were medically enhanced. Therefore I like to leave it on you.


Has Irina Had A Nose Job?

Has Irina Had A Nose Job?

Looking at the picture above it is clearly visible that, She might have done some nose job as well, so that face look more attractive, some of her fans said, she also gotten some rhinoplasty to fix her wide nasal bridge.


Did She Get Lip Injections?

Did Irina Shayk Get Lip Fillers


Some Beverly Hills surgeons also thought that irina had lip augmentation, although she still wanted to full credit to her cosmetic makeups, and keep saying that everything she had is all natural. Yes, it does not look as if she has done too much work on her face, she still looking very natural, I don’t know about you, but for me it looks quite natural..what do you think?

Irina’s Beauty Transformation

Let us take a closer look on her pictures and we will also try to find out how much transformation or body, fake changes occurs on these pictures, let us look on her hair as well as makeup, body features, facial and nose parts.

Year 2007

Irina Shayk 2007Source: Pinterest

Year 2010

Irina Shayk 2010Photo Credit: Astrid Stawiarz / Getty Images

Year 2011

Irina Shayk 2011Credit: Amy Sussman / Getty Images

Year 2012

Irina Shayk 2012Picture Credit: Getty

Year 2013

Irina Shayk 2013Credit: Pascal Le Segretain / Getty Images

Year 2014

Irina Shayk 2014Photo Credit: Getty

Year 2015

Irina Shayk 2015Source: Twitter

Year 2016

Irina Shayk 2016Credit: Getty Images

Year 2017

Irina Shayk 2017Image Credit: Getty

Year 2018

Irina Shayk 2018Credit: JP Yim / Getty Images North America
This picture is of 2018, looking at the breast it looks like as if she, have treated her breast to reduce their size, or might have possibly removed her implants, so that her cleavage are looking more natural in this photo. As during this period she has been breastfeeding her daughter during this time, so she really need natural and real breasts right?

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