Did Rihanna ever had plastic Surgery After before pictures

ok Disco talking about Robin Rihanna Fenty are you just call Rihanna she was born in 1988, she is a Barbarian singer, songwriter and also successful business woman, seized in Frazer Town during 2003 she recorded demo tape under the supervision of evan Rogers. she beocme famous after the release of her debut album “Music of the sun and in 2006 A girl like me, which are among the top ten chart . .

Her mother is a retired accountant of afro guyanese, and her father, Ronal Fenty, is a warehouse supervisor. She has two brothers their names Rorrey and rajad fenty. She also have two half sisters and one half brother from her father’s side, they were born from other mothers. Grew up in 3BHK bungalow in bridgetown and used to sell, clothes with her father in stall on the street. Her father was addicted to cocaine and alcohol, and she was deeply affected by this. when she was just a child she had to undergo various CT scans for the headaches she suffered at lot. Some doctors even thought that she had a tumor, because that headache was too intense. at the age of 14 her parents got divorced, and her health started to improve.

She started singing at the age of seven, also attended charles primary school and combermere high School as well.

Because Rihanna has a beautiful face and amazing hot body, she has been Trend setter among females, many females saw her a their idol woman, they used to follower her hair style, That’s why she is among very successful singers of America, She is very hot despite having a amazing voice.

Because she also have a sexy body and looks very hot, like many celebs of hollywood, she also always in rumors and speculation that this star also have have many kind of plastic surgeries to keep her youth and beauty last long.

There have been many suggestions and reports that point out about her, that she used to have breast implants, nose job and also forehead surgery. There was not less number rumors for her as well.People also doubt that she has got very beautiful eyes, and reason behind her sexy eyes is eye color surgery, that changes the color of eyes permanently. We are not quite sure whether she had any eye,nose, boob or fake or any surgery..

Before & After Photos

We can take help of few pictures of her, to determine whether she ever had any plastic surgery, after she has become a superstar.

Did Rihanna Get A Boob Job?

Did Rihanna get a boob job?
Are these Rihanna’s new boobs?
There are many people who always wonder whether she is a born beauty for does she have done some breast augmentation or some surgery to increase breast size. Here in this photo you will find big difference in the size of her boobs. There are many people who actually believe that she simply have put on weight and that’s why, she is looking to have a bigger size. But if her breast are not resulted due to breast milk, then chances are that she got boob job to get those extra busting volume.

Has Rihanna Had A Nose Job?

Has Rihanna had a nose job?Just look at that beautiful nose…after rhinoplasty surgery?
Although she is not African American actress, but she has a larger and wide nose just like other ebony or people born in caribbeans. You can easily notice that her nose is shape seems to be bit heavy also nasal bridge looks quite flat. But if you look at the photo of her in recent years, you will notice that her nasal bridge has become bit narrowed and refined. her nose tips also become pointier now in new photo. So this photo can be a evidence that she actually might have done a nose job? We shall leave this on you?

Did She Have Forehead Reduction Surgery?

RihannaYup, she’s definitely got a large forrid.

If you have been following her from the starting, you would have notice that actually have a big forehead, it looks as if she has done a implant in that area, But after investigating many photos, of her, that she has been having this big forehead since she was young. There were rumors around about the forehead reduction surgery in later stage of her career. But by these photos it is really very hard to say anything about the claims.

What About Her Hairline?

Look at that receding hairline…was Rihanna going bald?

In the left hand photo you will notice that her hair seems to be lost, indicated by thinning patches, why people says, because her hair has been center of attraction for many years, and her fans actually see the difference. But in later photo you will notice that it looks as if her hair are growing again and receding that hairline again. This could be due to some hair regrow treatment, she might be taking.

Does Rihanna Have Eye Color Surgery?

Okay we know…her real eyes almost looks fake, right?

 Her eyes are the most interesting and most mesmerizing feature of her face, we have to give credit to her eyes as well, as they are just amazing, you can not think of her without them, they are the most natural thing on her face, that no body was creating rumors for.
Other reason why they are so talkative among people, because people with black skin normally do not have light colored eyes, she really has beautiful green hazel eyes, that many time looks bit light blue.
This is why many fans of her believe that she had an eye color surgery in order to change natural color of her eyes, But in reality, is different after exploring many photos of her we found that these are her natural eyes, we found same eyes in almost all the pictures, taken from time to time.


Rihanna’s Beauty Transformation

Let’s see how Rihanna’s face and body have changed throughout the years. This will tell us whether or not she’s had help from cosmetic surgery in other areas that we may have missed.

Let us see how the body and beauty of Rihanna changed during last 10-15 years, we are putting many photos of her in a series so you can check them also, and decided her journey from young age to famous actress, singer, songwriter. We hope you will like our efforts in the end. we want to leave it on you to decide if she had a plastic surgery to improve her appearance, and beauty.

Early Days

Rihanna in her teenage years

Year 2005

Rihanna 2005

Year 2007

Rihanna 2007 - She won the celebrity leg of goddess!
Image Credit: Getty

Year 2009

Rihanna 2009
Photo Credit: Kevin Winter / Getty Images

Year 2011

Rihanna 2011
Source: Isaac Brekken / Getty Images


Year 2012

Rihanna 2012
Credit: Getty Images

Year 2013

Rihanna 2013
Image Credit: Getty

Year 2014

Rihanna 2014
Picture Credit: Getty

Year 2015

Rihanna 2015

Year 2016

Rihanna 2016
Credit: Michael Loccisano / Getty Images

Year 2017

Rihanna 2017
Photo Credit: Getty

Year 2018

Rihanna 2018
Image Credit: Getty

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