Real Life Pictures Of Anne Hathaway Immediately After And In Advance Of Plastic Surgery

A strong and talented aspiring journalist from the movie, the Devil Wears Prada and the miserable woman who wanted to see her daughter she gave away as an infant from the movie, Les Miserables. Anne Hathaway deserves all the possible recognitions and awards for such amazing roles. If you still have no idea about her beautiful face, think of the white princess in the movie, Alice in Wonderland or the woman with Parkinson’s disease in the movie, Love and Drugs, and you can finally recognize such amazngly talented and beautiful face though it would be a little impossible not to know her.

Anne Hathaway, contrary to what most people thing, she was born with flat nose and she hated every minute of it because it has cost her friends and her self-confidence while she was growing up along with other normal-nosed pretty students at the school. She then just continued doing her own thing at school and tried to be invisible as long as she can; she avoided clubs and stayed away from public activities.

Anne Hathaway plastic surgery

Anne Hathaway after before plastic surgery

As much as possible, she tried to stay away from their sight and she was very successful except those girls were really into to making her life miserable. But one of her classmates saw her in the cubicle of the bathroom of the school and told everybody else how pathetic she looks like. And so, the queen bee did humiliating to her in the cubicle. She then went home sobbing so hard and had a really high fever later at home. Her parents were alarmed and talked to the students in front of the principal but the next day, they threatened her. She didn’t go to school anymore because of what happened and decided that it would be for the better if would just drop out and so she did dropped out from school. And because of what happened, she swore to herself that she will do anything it takes so that someday she will finally become so stunning, so pretty that everyone will know and appreciate her.

So when she was 18 years old, she had a plastic surgery nose job to change her nose and make her face more beautiful. And so, what she wanted to happen happened. Good thing is, they all know her by now—that’s for sure.

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