Nicole Kidman Plastic Surgery Ahead Of And Just After Pics Of Actual Daily Life

Having the legacy that brought America to tears and fell in love with her for a thousand times whenever she was on the television or in the big screen, Nicole Kidman will always be an endearing to all her fans and to all of the world as she will forever be an icon for beauty and grace not only in Hollywood but all over the world.Years before she was married to her previous husband, there was a hearsay going on about Nicole Kidman having gone through a plastic surgery nose job.

Nicole Kidman interest y Shots At Beach plastic surgery

Nicole Kidman interest y Shots At Beach after before plastic surgery

According to the rumors, it happened when Kate and the unknown man started dating officially in front of everyone. Nicole Kidman was born naturally beautiful but she felt the need for a plastic surgery to enhance her natural beauty and still according to hearsay, to uphold the dignity and pride of her future husband.

It does made sense since Princesses always have to be pretty as a pickle all the given time. And Nicole Kidman is definitely not an exemption.After the operation, she said she never felt like what she is feeling now ever before. She was a changed woman; a very confident woman who’s going to fulfilling the task of a Princess with such beauty and grace.

A source said that if she only knew that this will be the outcome of having a nose job, she would have done it when she was still a baby. She found her inner peace and became the very confident woman, a potential queen of the Hollywood she might become in the future. And since the chance is at high level of probability, she did the right thing of making herself even more beautiful. The interesting part here is that she was reportedly had done a couple of more plastic surgeries.

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