All about Meghan Markle Plastic Surgery – Boob Job, Nose Job, Teeth & Legs? Job work

Other Name of Meghan Markle is Duchess of Sussex as she is Wife of Duke of Sussex price harry, Brought up in a biracial family. She is a daughter of Caucasian father and her mother was an African American. She came know about the different look from other in her peers, even without plastic surgery.

She was born in August 4 1981, she was a former actress, and rumors are there that she might have a nose job or a boob job to boost her career. She starred for seven seasons in USA Network’s “Suits.” She was in an Girls Catholic Institution in Los Angeles. She wrote an essay on her self, and she wrote how her curly hair, big eyes, light skin made her different looking personalilty among her schoolmates.

 Actually this look of her have been causing few issues for her identity, and he has to face Identity crisis when she was in seventh standard, because she don’t wanted to recognized solely a caucasian or solely an African-American in school census. Further she said that because there was no column for mixed category she just left that space blank on the form, But later on she has to face many questions about her reality, like who she actually was.

In 2016, When she come in relationship with Prince Harry, She become most searchable celebrities on the internet. Not only this apart from this royal love affair with Britain’s most eligible royal bachelor, People wanted to know about this TV star’s unique looks. Many people start saying that she might have gotten some kind of nose job, while others believe her breast size is not real, this might be a result of breast augmentation surgery. This don’t stop just here there have been a section of people who don’t think her legs were natural and in their original, They thought some kind of treatment in her legs too. Really such speculation about the Meghan’s looks really endless.


Before & After Photos


To be frank no former actress like to reveal their beauty secrets to anybody, we just can make assumption after looking their pictures that they keep posting time to time on social media sites. So is the case with meghan markle. Today let examine few Pictures of her and let’s try to find what her fans says about the different looks..

Has Meghan Markle Had A Nose Job?

Has Meghan Markle Had A Nose Job?
Many experts says that if she ever had nose job, it was quite understated and could be quite difficult to see it with untrained eyes. in above two images, one on the left is of teenage and second one is when she announced her engagement. From the picture her nose tip looks bit uppish, and her nasal bridge do look narrower when compared to her younger self.

Does Meghan Have Breast Implants?

Did Meghan Markle Have A boob Job?


Her career started with a TV Game show “Deal or not Deal” This was her entry time in hollywood. The show requirment was to wear revealing dresses, to create illusion of a bigger breast size, she had to were pushup bras. There were rumors around that meghan does uses fake boobs, in order to get her chance in Hollywood.

Did She Get Liposuction On Her Legs?

Did Meghan Markle Get Leg Liposuction?


What About Meghan’s Teeth?

Meghan Markle's Teeth



Meghan’s Beauty Transformation

Early Childhood

Young Meghan Markle
Source: Pinterest
This photo clearly shows that she was not all perfect like there is saying that no body is perfect, you can see, that she had gaps in her teeth and she also had a thicker nose as well.

Teenager Days

Meghan Markle in her teenager daysSource: Facebook
While Meghan was a teenager, she loves to keep her curly hair long and so called untied. Gradually with the as when she turned into a hot woman, with sexy body and long arms, She likes to give full credit to her mother, Doria, for her slim and trim body. Doria was her yoga instructor and she keep full daily routines.

Year 2003

Meghan Markle 2003Source: Reddit


After completing her Graduation from northwestern University, Meghan join some modeling jobs and got small role in a daytime drama, “General Hospital.” In above picture you can see, that now she completely having straight hair and those curly hairs are now gone. not only this you can also notice her busty figure. Getting a chance in hollywood need her to change her appearance. This also give more air to rumors that she might have undergone some nose job or breast implants in order to increase the size of her boobs.

Year 2006

Meghan Markle 2006Source: Pinterest


Her cleavage and bust size do help Meghan in turning her into a briefcase girl on “Deal or No Deal.” TV series Yes, she already had a gorgeous body shape along with lovely face. People says that she might have also got some treatment to give such a look of a California girl.

Year 2009

Meghan Markle 2009Photo Credit: Getty
This actress really don’t like to hide anything from her fans, I am talking about Freckles are her trademark, her eye brow help her eyes to open big and wide, that make her face more beautiful and appealing.

Year 2011

Meghan Markle 2011Source: Twitter

Year 2013

Meghan Markle 2013Credit: Getty Images
Meghan was successful in keeping her figure for a long time because she stick to a vegetarian diet, and she don’t like to miss her yoga classes, and regular exercise. in her interview she confessed, that, she involves very few good in her weekend diet plan. According to Royal she like to keep her lifestyle healthy not because she wants to lose weight or to look more beautiful but, its basic importance to keep and take care of one’s own body.

Year 2016

Meghan Markle 2016Image Credit: Getty

In year 2016, she and price has started dating, but they have their relationship hidden from public for almost six months, in above picture it looks like as if she had lip injections to make her lip more intense, Having no wrinkles in mid 30’s also point that she might be having botox. In this picture we don’t see any lines near her eyes do you?

Year 2017


Meghan Markle 2017Picture Credit: Getty Images

Year 2018

Meghan Markle 2018Photo Credit: Jonathan Brady / PA Wire
Her Big Royal wedding was almost quite simple and elegant, She wore silk cady royal wedding dress that was designed by british designer. She also wore very natural makeup that point out her face’s perfections and imperfection quite easily.


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