After Before Madison Beer Cosmetic Surgery Boob Job, Nose & Lip Injections?

Madison Beer is new sensation born in 1999, she is just about 19 years and already have over 10.8 million followers on instagram. She is definitely hot and sexy. Let us look at her early life. She was born in jericho, long island of New york on March 5, 1999. her father Rober beer is a luxury home builder,a and her mother a interior designer. She used to go Jericho Middle school before joining homeschooled in 2012.

In starting she used to upload youtube videos of her singing covers of famous songs. Soon they comes in notice of justin bieber, who one tweeted a link of her video on his twitter account, that video soon become viral, and because justin have over 25 million followers world wide. Soon Beer got trendy world wide on twitter and got real attention of media.

Bieber signed beer personally, to record the label, Island records. She also was managed by Scooter Braun That time , manager of Justin bieber. She recorded theme song for the franchiese titled “we are monster high” in feb 2013. so she become partnered with Monster High.


Offcourse she is among very hot singer talent, soon become star overnight, after justin bieber share her video link to masses of his fans. You just can not ignored her, that many fans thing that she is really hot sensation and soon can be seen in many movies, Now this is not 19 year old, she is turning into a hot mature woman.

This is why, people are making too much noise about madison have plastic surgery in order to improve her sexy looks. fan and media thought that she had boob job, lip fillers even rhinoplasty, such kind of speculations are coming in news every day. and no why she is growing day by day, This improvement in her personality actually rise may questions and rumors and people believe she is taking many kind of cosmetic surgeries, not only one. so that her fame don’t go down, infact she wanted to be more popular very quickly. these are own assumption it is quite possible that her beauty is natural and all the speculation are just rumors about her surgeries.

This was the song that Justin bieber shared with his fan following on twitter, that make her new sensation overnight.


Really there is no doubt she is a owner of great voice and she is just 13 year old that time, but this is also very much true that is already gorgeous looking girl as well. We are not sure why there are so many rumors around about her beauty enhancement…

Here in this post we will try to determine what the truth behind all such rumors, Did she had costmetic treatment, we will search lots of photos of her, after becoming famous.

Before & After Photos


Does Madison Have Breast Implants?

Did Madison Beer have a boob job?
We may be wrong, or looks like our eyes actually deceived by the kind of outfit she is in, this picture, if you give a closer look, and compare two above pictures you will definitely say that Madison’s boob previously was not that big as they appear in the picture on the right. This picture create doubts in our mind too, and looks like as if she have been taking some kind of boob job surgery to increase the size of her cups. We all know in hollywood having boob job and breast implant is not new, but she is in her 20’s only, she has long time ahead.

Though you can easily say that her boobs are looking bigger in size because she is wearing a bikini, that actually have pushed her breast up, and they are appearing larger than usual, But we also know that breast implants these days looks quite natural, especially with tear drop shape, You will find it difficult with naked eye, and will be very hard to distinguish between real and fake breast. we leave it on you, You decide how they are look, do you also think they are real or like rumors you also take them as fake?


Has She Had A Nose Job?

Has Madison Beer had a nose job?

Now let us talk about her nose, we have two picture here, the picture on left is older one and pic on the right is latest, this image is perfect to compare the nose of her, we collect the image which is showing similar kind of emotions, and it was necessary to compare the nose perfectly. let us look at the smile on both photos, it looks like there is not big difference in her nose shape and it virtually looking quite identical. Although looks like if her nasal bridge nose tips appear to be thinner. but if you take a closer look on her cheeks, they looks like as if she has lost her baby fat as well, and that natural no doubt in that, and at this point were are quite sure she has had any nose job yet.

Did Madison Beer Get Lip Injections?

Madison Beer

 After comparing these two pictures if look like there has been some work have been done on her lips. They are looking puffed up, specially if you look at her upper lips, they used to be thinner at previously now are almost double in size. So it is quite possible that she might have taken injections to achieve such plumpy lips. to enhance her beauty. We are right on this assumption, than we have to say that her plastic surgeon really have done a great job on her lips.


Madison’s Beauty Transformation

We will see how she has been growing in recent year by going through various pictures of her. We will look at her way of dressing, style, body structure and also her hair and makeups.

Early Days

Young Madison Beer
The above picture is of young Madison Beer when she was just a child, she has a large chin, not only this her teeth also would need some treatment later on when she become famous.

Madison Beer with braces

Year 2013

Madison Beer 2013

Year 2014

Madison Beer 2014Picture Credit: Getty

Year 2015

Madison Beer 2015Photo Credit: Getty

Year 2016

Madison Beer 2016Credit: Getty Images
At the z100’s Jingle ball she is square garden. at first look you can easily se sharp difference, her jawbone is more sharper and refined now. and also look at her eye shadows, long curls along with lipstick she is perfect here.

Year 2017

Madison Beer 2017Photo Credit: Getty

Year 2018

Madison Beer 2018Image Credit: Getty
In this picture you can see wore push up bra which is quite visible in this picture, also showing off her waistline, we already knows that she always had very slim body, so tummy tuck or Liposuction treatment do not found any place her in the appearance. So we just eliminate she has been fond of getting cosmetic surgery.

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