New Looks Michelle Rodriguez Immediately After Owning Performed Plastic Surgery

Sometimes, the only key to being the most famous actress in the jungle of Hollywood is by being the best. It all depends on how she has been doing lately in her career if she can be categorized as a famous actress. She needs to be the best in acting, the best in modelling endorsements and the most beautiful, like Michelle Rodriguez.However, quite the opposite of what Michelle Rodriguez feels.

Michelle Rodriguez plastic surgery

Michelle Rodriguez after before plastic surgery

Instead of feeling a inspired by fans and how they loyally support her every single step of the way, rumor has it that she shouted at a fan who suggested that she should perhaps try something new herself and offer the fans; a fresh new image to look up to and a new sense of fashion. Michelle Rodriguez got insulted so she shouted at the fan and told her that she is beautiful and that she is happily satisfied with herself unlike the ugly fan.

More fans turned to haters and she was left with no choice because somebody uploaded the video of the conversation that happened in the press conference of her upcoming film. She was then forced to try something in herself and she changed her make-ups as well, fashion and went through a plastic surgery nose job. The procedure fit perfectly on her beauty and she had better cheekbones and complimented eyes.

She defended herself that nothing is wrong with what she said to her fan. She didn’t mean anything wrong; she was just carried away with the offense she felt against what her fan said. It was very vital that she know how to connect back again to her lost fans. Because a star is nothing without the fans buying everything she sells and watching every show she promotes. Having a plastic surgery nose job was a big step but if she did for her fans, then that is a very reasonable thing she would ever do for her fans.

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