Kim Kardashian Revealed her Plastic Surgery let’s Check Pictures

Actually the kind of body, beauty Kid Kardashian have, All this definetly give birth to Question did she really had plastic surgery to give a boost to her career. Or did she really undergone some kind of cosmetic procedure. Fans have their different thoughts.

After giving birth to her first child, Kim really slammed reporters, and give hint of her body being altered not only body but also her face is being treated with some cosmetic procedures. Though Kim always keep saying that her perfect nose is just because of makeups, but who can stop rumors among fans, that she actually had rhinoplasty to give perfection to her nose.

There have been big and loud talks about Kim kardashian that she had butt implants, as well as boob jobs, for many years, since she was pictured in a graced magazine for a parade. She was photo-shoot in her best outfit, that is her birthday suit. With this picture she actually broke the internet with amazingly hot figure, but she never accepted that she had fake book and butt, and she did all this to boost your profile. But such a figure even after having three kids is quite contrast. She keep her augmentations hush pose, in her TV Show “Keeping up with the Kardashians.” Despite huge rumor about her, that she is very consistent with surgeons.
Because she is doing TV on regular basis and her face is new every here and there, over 5-7 years this is not easy to keep the secret of amazing body transformation. When she posted her selfies on social media, her TV show fans were the first to notice the difference, and they only can say how much change they saw in Kim’s body. They actually can say if she went with lip fillers or butt..



Before & After Photos

So in this post we will try to find how many time did she undergone surgery, Did her looks changed after plastic surgery or cosmetic surgeries. We have collected various images from social media and are enough to give us some hint at least about her plastic surgery, and how she is able to keep and maintain such a hot body ever after having three kids.

Does Kim Kardashian Have Butt Implants?

Does Kim Kardashian Have Butt Implants?

Pic of discussion here is if Kim Kardashian butts are real or fake we can have a full TV episode on her butts because they are so regular increasing in size. there may be various reasons behind this. Tto put an end to rumours about her butt implants, about some 10 years ago she undergone an x-ray on her TV show, just to prove that all this is natural.

Just after a year later in an interview she told that her bump size has changed because of injections, but this injection was not taken by her as a Cosmetic augmentation, rather there was some medical reasons behind this. Further she said she had to take cortisone  injection on her butt to psoriasis.

Actually doctors already have warned me about side effects and also inform me that I would likely to get bigger butts. Actually plastic surgeons assessed that King would have fat grafting on butts because of this procedure, this also knows as fat transfer.

Has Kim K Had A Boob Job?

Has Kim Kardashian Had A Boob Job?

According to one of her friends Boobs are just one of her obsessions about having a excellent body. There are rumors around, that her marriage was saved because of boobs, that she undergone boob job multiple times, to keep them in perfect shape. Further her friends also said, she she used to notice her chest looks in the mirror a lot, not only this she also consult with her family about her breast implants.

Did She Have A Nose Job?

Did Kim Kardashian Have A Nose Job?


She clearly said that her perfect nose is not because of a nose job, but its is result of great makeup. you can see the picture above. Once she told to ABC’s “Nightline” in 2009 Though she is not against plastic surgery, but still nothing done with her nose to keep it in shape this way. But many experts don’t agree on her saying. They argue that her nose is perfect piece of nose job, after taking close look at her after before images, there seems to be clear line on the bridge and her nose tips looks upturned.

Does Kim Have Lip Injections?

Does Kim Kardashian Have Lip Injections?

I don’t have any doubt if she have lip fillers, but she still don’t want to accept it. You also can see big difference between now and than pictures, her lips look more plump than her sister’s. Kylie Jenner.



Has Kim Kardashian Had Botox & Facelift?


Did Kim Get Liposuction For Weight Loss After Baby?

Did Kim K Get Liposuction For Weight Loss?




We are still finding some clue on, how she actually lose weight after giving birth to her first kid. According to her, she followed a very tight schedule setup by her personal trainer, also follow strict diet plan and excercise for almost six months. If we look at rumors, they claim that kim’s body is a result of liposuction.

She might have paid huge amount for tummy tuck, fat removal and other laser treatments specially on her legs to get stretch marks she probably got after pregnancy. Actually she was hidden from public eye for almost 2 months and she re emerged with a special face and yes perfect body shape.


Kim’s Beauty Transformation


Childhood Days

Young Kim Kardashian when she was little as a childSource: Pinterest
Young Kim when she was little was a pretty little bud. She had the most beautiful eyes that accentuated her cute face.

Teenager Years

Kim Kardashian in her teenage yearsSource: Twitter

Year 2003

Kim Kardashian 2003Source: Pinterest

Year 2007

Kim Kardashian 2007Photo Credit: Getty

Year 2010

Kim Kardashian 2010Credit: Getty Images

Year 2012

Kim Kardashian 2012Picture Credit: Bauer Griffin

Year 2014

Kim Kardashian 2014Source: Reddit

Year 2016

Kim Kardashian 2016Credit: Getty Images

Year 2017

Kim Kardashian 2017Photo Credit: Getty

Year 2018

Kim Kardashian 2018Photo Credit: Getty Images
if you look at this image you can see, that she had a straight pony tail, this picture from Met Gala where her face lift was quite noticeable and this can be due to surgical treatment, we are saying this based on her tight face skin, Not only this looks like as if she also had a browlift and used botox to smoothened her face. Really this dress looks too electic emphasized on her full cup size, all this after having three kids.

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