Did Jennifer Lopez had plastic surgery nose or Lip job her after before pics

Would you believe us if we say that Star Singer dancer Jennifer Lopez very much good looking glamorous and wasn’t always like this she is right these days we know very hard to believe that in earlier days she wasn’t very good looking and also don’t have stylish and hot body she have nowadays.

when someone turn into a Masterpiece Rises many questions how one can be so perfect Ek just few years without having any kind of plastic surgery.

it is really very hard to believe that is actually wasn’t very good looking and you can say just too different from the personality she have afterwards and all these changes in personality also rumours about her plastic surgery no we are not very much sure that what kind of plastic surgery or cosmetic surgery she already have I have collected various pictures found on internet social media websites Instagram Facebook and these pictures can help understanding how see gradually looks and how much difference I have in appearance from past.

in reality she never confirmed or even give any kind of that she ever had any kind of enhancement in fact India 2013 she confronted a very good plastic surgeon who tweeted that she might have enhanced personality with some kind of face fillers tor botox.

but her fans always like to know more about her plastic surgeries even though such kind of news maybe just rumours around but who knows the truth only see we just can give our opinions after looking at previous and current pictures because we have only this proves with us in the form of pictures that can help us in understanding whether she actually have any kind of no job facelift all cosmetic surgeries.

everyone knows that Jennifer Lopez already have two kids, but she still have amazingly impressive breasts, because of this people thought that she might have Akon some kind of boob job, but we never heard anything about this from Journeys on mouth mouthshut someone in the media Opus tries to ask question about her impressive figure.

many times many reporters ask her about the secret of improvement in her looks but she always ignore these questions with a beautiful smile.

now talk about her bumps which no doubt are one of the bam in the business it looks like that she actually take care of her bumps very seriously, and over bumps actually give birth to many doubts in the mind fans. we are bound to think about maybe just dreamer Dead Sea is doing some cosmetic procedures assets in such a wonderful shape.

today in this post we will be looking at many many pictures found internet and social networking sites time to time is pictures can actually give us at least some clues the difference between her first appearance when we compare older pictures with new ones can at least can get some idea about her regularly improving person.

in order to find out whether Jennifer actually had any kind of cosmetic surgery or Beauty And hence mint we try to examine following pictures before and after in a yearly series.

Jennifer had really big bum weilong before Kim Kardashian and Nikki minaj. and therefore question arise again and again is her are real or fake.

a plastic surgeon once told in touch weekly that hey bottom hasn’t got any kind of augmentation. hey think that her but are actually real and natural.

Jennifer Lopez x said interview that she never thought of having kind of butt implants. but yes she accepted that she actually worked very hard in keeping her bomb in good regularly at gym.

Has She Had A Nose Job?

Did Jennifer Lopez Have A Nose Job?
Many surgeons say that it looks like she had some signs of having rhinoplasty, But despite everything she never ever admit the she ever had a nose job. But above pictures shows some improvement, as her older nose do had a bride, and it looks bit wider when compared with her latest photo.

When she was just started doing film, she used to have a rounder tip, and this also looked like as if she got it treated as well, Yes, it does look quite natural and its very hard to say that she had a nose job. Do you think in above picture, she have a nose job yet.

Did Jennifer Have Botox & Facelift?

Does Jennifer Lopez Have Botox?


Just look at the older picture and latest picture of her, this clearly have too much difference in looks, not there are no wrinkles, as they used to be there. The left picture is about 15 years back, and now just look at her, She has become younger now. It looks like as if the age is reversing, instead of getting older she is gaining youth day by day. All all this can  be due to perfect piece of face filler or botox treatment, but no proof are there, as these stars never reveal their beauty secrets.

This is also not very much clear if she actually go for a neck lift and browlfit. according to her, she give proper care in cleansing, and other natural treatment, that keep her younger.


Did She Have Cosmetic Work On Her Teeth?

Jennifer Lopez
When we compare these two images it looks like she undergone some lip filler treatment, This is true she has once of the sexiest smiles in hollywood, But some doctors like to say, that her lips fullness is because of lip injections that she might take on regular basis.

We don’t like to comment on her teeth, because there really look no much difference, and the whitening in current picture can be because of whitening techniques, and there is not hidden secret behind this.

Jennifer’s Transformation


Early Days

Young Jennifer Lopez in her high school yearsSource: Pinterest
In 80’s she had hair that were in trend those time, They are thick, and we should not create any doubt because she had such hair style just because it was in trend than.

Year 1991

Jennifer Lopez 1991Source: Twitter

Year 1995

Jennifer Lopez 1995Source: Facebook

Year 1999

Jennifer Lopez 1999Photo Credit: Getty

Year 2001

Jennifer Lopez 2001Credit: Steve Granitz / WireImage

Year 2003

Jennifer Lopez 2003Picture Credit: Getty

Year 2007

Jennifer Lopez 2007Source: Reddit

Year 2010

Jennifer Lopez 2010Photo Credit: Getty
She was looking really very beautiful in this picture, and looks like he really has played too well in giving her eye a perfect dramatic looks with a nude shade for her lips when she was at Met Gala. She give some bright color to her hair with lighter shade of bit brown.

Year 2014

Jennifer Lopez 2014Credit: Getty Images

Year 2016

Jennifer Lopez 2016Image Credit: Getty

Year 2017

Jennifer Lopez 2017Pic Credit: Getty Images

Year 2018

Jennifer Lopez 2018Photo Credit: Getty Images

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