After Before Emily Ratajkowski Cosmetic Surgery – Boob Job, Nose & Lip Injections?

Emily Ratajkowski She is an American Model and actress born in 1991 in london, to a American parents. she was raised primarily in california. She actually become in lime light after she appeared in Robin Thicke’s Music Video. This song become number one song for that year in various countries, also criticized for having sexual content.

She also appeared on a Erotic magazine named Treats in march edition of 2012, that cover picture actually help her to get chance to appear in two more music videos.

Then in 2014-2015 she shooted for sports Illustrated swimsuit issues. She started her professional model career from New york fashion week in 2015 she walked for Marc jacobs. Then she also run on Parish fashion week for Miu Miu and Milan fashion week.

She was also appear in Buick super bowl tv commerical during Super Bowl 50. Also worked as spokesperson for brands like DKNY, The Frye, kerastase, and Paco Rabanne.

She also partnered with for hand bag collection and jewelry collection. Not only this she also designed her own line of swimwear, the Inamorata brand.

her acting career was started when she was just a child, in the san diego, there she got regular role on Nickelodeaon tv series named Icarly.

Her debut film was mistress of Ben affleck’s in year 2014.

let us talk about her controversial plastic surgery rumors and


There have been many rumors about her plastic surgeries some claim that this beautiful sexy British American model and actress actually had boob jobs, some think she might have taken lip injections so that her beauty stay there more enhanced. Some also doubt that her nose was not that beautiful as it is now after getting success.

But big question everyone likes to know how Emily was not recognized earlier, even if she has a attractive and beautiful face and hot and sexy gorgeous body for so long.

She become obsessed with theatre and therefore she got into a modeling career intentionally, after she completed her education from University of California in lost Angeles. When she was just 5 year old, her parents moved to San Diego, and she lived here since then.

But her career was not getting any right direction, although she done few non scripted movies, as a side actress, and also appeared regularly in Nickelodeon’s Icarly only for 2 episodes. She could not get any notice until she decided to took her cloths for a errotic magazine, Treat! And truely so just after posed on cover page of this magazine, she got offer to appear in two music videos, and one of them become number one song in many countries, and give her worldwide exposure. Guess if you want to get, you have to show it! and that’s what she did..

The fame for her really brought many noise speculations and criticisms, this actually happens when your fan cares about only of the things you have, some people took her boobs as fake, some says they are result of cosmetic treatments, some says her nose being corrected, I means lips and butt as well not an exception in these speculations..


So in this post we are trying to find out more about her and will see how much weight these rumors actually have.

Before & After Photos

We have collected many photos of her in order to put them aas evidence in front of you, because you are the judge here, you can decided if she had a plastic surgery or not, we will try to focus on all her appearance from eyes ,nose, breast, hair, neck, and mouth as well as her lower and upper body.


Has Emily Had A Boob Job?

Has Emily Ratajkowski Had a Boob Job?
After her video appearance in “blurred Lines” this sexy video girl, become convict of may questions, like was her boobs real? actually the way she was showing off her sexy boobs and body in that video many fans of her started speculating about the size of her cups, and making assumption if she has breast implants. But after comparing these two pictures we can say it doesn’t seems to be a result of brest implants, in both picture she is having big boobs, but in later picture she might have push-up bra that’s why they are looking pop out of her dress. What you think about this.

Did She Get A Nose Job?

Did Emily Ratajkowski have a nose job?
Here if you take a closer on these two pictures you will find that in her older photos her nasal bridge was bit larger and but on the photo which is on right her nose is looking beautiful, the difference is quite visible and noticeable, now her nasal bridge has become thinner also the tip of her nose is also bit pointier, that makes her face look more beautiful, So it does look appear if she had a rhinoplasty surgery, anyways not to mention again, if she has taken a nose job, her nose is looking more beautiful now.

Does Emily Ratajkowski Have Lip Fillers?

Does Emily Ratajkowski have lip injections?
Her luscious lips and plump are the most attractive facial features, after comparing her two photos, it looks like she has been having these thick lips since her younger age, and same are appearing in the later photo which is on right, so we can say look like she never took lip filler or injections. She can maker her lips look more plumper with some makeup tips easily.



Emily’s Beauty Transformation

Year 2006

Emily Ratajkowski 2006Credit: Seth Poppel Yearbook Library

Year 2009

Emily Ratajkowski 2009Source: iCarly

Year 2012

Emily Ratajkowski 2012

Year 2013

Emily Ratajkowski 2013Photo Credit: Getty

Year 2014

Emily Ratajkowski 2014


Year 2015

Emily Ratajkowski 2015

Year 2016

Emily Ratajkowski 2016

Year 2017

Emily Ratajkowski 2017Picture: Getty Images
This is photo of her she was attending new york fashion week, she is quite girly in nature, we often don’t see any conservative emily anyways, this photos comes after she done a advertisement for spaghetti pasta video for love magazine, which was criticized for being adultery in nature.

2017 was proved a quite a busy for her, as she got various cover shoots for vogue as well, just decided your self if you find any difference in her nose than previous. if you take a closer look you will easily find it, what we want to say. we don’t think she had a plastic surgery for her nose or any nose job, it may be just because of makeup along.

Year 2018

Emily Ratajkowski 2018
Credit: Getty Images

You can see her after attending Golden Globes party, she wore red eye makeup that is looking amazing her face, we know she is just 26 year old, she got a long way ahead, before you talked about wrinkles so we don’t believe there is any need of botox injection or facelift kind of treatment, at least next 20 years.

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