How Courtney Cox Seems Immediately After Plastic Surgery

The sitcom Friends has become widely famous for airing for a couple of years due to its funny and unique blend of stories. But the sitcom was not only successful because of the story itself but with the actors and actresses behind every role as well. Who didn’t enjoy the conflict in every episode and the joy they all bring when they drop their lines. And one of the successful casts behind this sitcom was Courtney Cox.

But does anyone notice about her amazing nose lately? Sure, Courtney Cox has this pretty petite nose we all adore about her, but lately her nose has been even more awesome. According to hearsay, she decided to change something about her face. She had a plastic surgery nose job to make her nose a little more petite. Some people whisper nowadays that the reason why she had a plastic surgery nose job due to a recently heart break from her failed marriage with David Arquette, which obviously she didn’t take very well.

Courtney Cox plastic surgery

Courtney Cox after before plastic surgery

And instead of being sober, she decided to make herself even more attractive for her possible next love, so she had a plastic surgery nose job that will be show in the plastic surgery before and after photos. Rumor has it that she went to New York to have this surgery from a very renowned surgery, which is very understandable since she obviously wouldn’t trust her face to anyone and had it done on a regular schedule of work, which made her absent at work.

So, if you want to have the same nose as hers, you may want to check out the best plastic surgeon in New York and see how this plastic surgery nose job might work out for you. But be careful though, some might give you plastic surgery bum.

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