Britney Spears Have Cosmetic Surgery

She is very famous actress, now it has been two decades, she has grown and never got out of limelight. We have been watching her from her famous Mix like “bay one more time, since very starting she has been presenting her in various roles and looks, that created many doubt in mind if she had plastic surgery, these can be rumors only but who knows, we have collected various pictures that can help us find the truth. though these are our own views, true may be on other side as well.

In past She once seems to be confessing and talked about her filler surgery, but she talked about this in fun way, and did not talked about this in full details, because of this many many rumors start taking place in big amount. People started talking about her breast implants and lip job more and more.

 But this is also true that nothing can be hidden from her fans, you can say that they can easily notice, if she had something different in her look. Whenever she post new photos on social sites. her friends start noticing difference between older looks and new looks. They also get idea when she stay out of social sites and come back again with new looks and new face. all these things actually raise many questions in our minds. Recently when she came back and posted new photos, she was looking more sexy, with improved boobs and new whole new body. That she proudly show off at awards shows.

Fans were recently were shocked with her face change when she acted for an advertising company for a denim brand. we are not sure that look was more because of intense photo-shopping or intense surgical procedures, this is really very hard to tell.

As she’s in her mid-30s and a mother to two pre-teen boys, Britney still manages to keep her face and body in tip top shape. Her followers not just wonder if she cheated time by having regular botox or a face lift. Some actually think she completely transformed herself in an attempt to restore her hot and youthful glory.



Before & After Photos


So let see with these pictures, and try to find, if she really had any kind of surgery, we can compare the difference by looking at these different pictures taken time to time.

Do you believe She really have Facelift and Botox

Did Britney Spears Have Facelift & Botox On Her Face?


In above image we can easily see how attractive she look in second picture, Some time she looks older and some time too young, someone personal, told media that she is too obsessed to take botox injections. While it should not be taken more than 3 times in six months but she tend to get it once every few weeks.

Yes, Many times she looks very old with full of wrinkles, and looks like she definitely need facelift. Friends told that she is gets tired of using face fillers, she used to hide all imperfection behind makeup.


Does Britney Have Breast Implants?

Does Britney Spears Have A Boob Job?


Do you think her boobs are real or fake, her mother Lynne once talking in a interview with rolling stone, said, she gave her suggestion to get breast implants. Actually later on, she was not happy with the implant because her body was still changing, and she had to take out implants , as her natural breast size grew larger. But in recent video on Instagram again raised rumors as her breast was looking more deeper and bigger in size,

Has She Had A Nose Job?

Has Britney Spears Had A Nose Job?


In this picture you can easily see big difference between nose of her older picture and new nose in new picture. A Top surgeon suggested the singer to go for a nose job, so that nose shape slim down and her profile would look more appealing and softer. Though this is also true that she never accepted that she ever had a plastic surgery. Though many surgeons told her nose’s tips would be go thinner later on. But rumors about her first plastic procedure were for rhinoplasty.

Did Britney Get Lip Injections?

Did Britney Spears Get Lip Injections?


Once she disclosed to instyle magazine about 5 years that she actually went to Dr. Raj Kanodia, in Beverly Hills to discuss about lip injections. But this is not sure if he is the same doctor still taking care of britney’s lips, or if he is the surgeon doing all of her plastic surgery.

What About Her Teeth?


Britney Spears's Teeth


She have got excellent set of teeth, her fans say that they would kill if someone can promises similar kind of smile and teeth as their idol.

When she was a member of the Mickey Mouse club, she had crooked teeth, and she used to wore braces, you can see in the picture before and after. she used to wore caps whenever she had to perform during her adolescent years. Now Question raises how did she got her new teeth, that are so perfect in size and shape. This is really very hard for fan to believe that these are her natural assets. But They say that teeth is her very natural. but yes its is quite possible she would have done some work on them.

Britney’s Beauty Transformation

We all know she has a unique voice with natural talents, but this is also very true that her looks and styles also play their role, to bring her what she is today.

Early Childhood

Young Britney SpearsSource: Twitter
She had dancing and voice lessons early. While she was teenage she showed amazing star power and actually won the attention of audience with her smile and cute face.

Teenager Days

Teen Britney Spears in her teenager daysSource: Pinterest

Year 1999

Britney Spears 1999Photo Credit: Gettyt
Her debut album break billboard charts, at that time she also had a bigger nose size and strong looking chin.

Year 2000

Britney Spears 2000Source: Reddit
When she was 19 years, she was looking as a hot woman, she also wore hot cloths that help her cleavage to show up her sexy breasts. This could be the year when she had breast implants as her mom told to increase her bra size.

Year 2003

Britney Spears 2003Source: Facebook

Britney’s Fans love her smile too much and her teeth add some more spark. She would like to thank all this to her regular whitening procedures. She always keep her body tone so even, that she can wear just anything she like and her body looks more sexy.

Year 2007

Britney Spears 2007Credit: Getty Images

After divorce from kevin federline, She returned in stardom with a bang, with possible boob job to increase her bust size. This also looks quite possible that she might have taken tummy tuck got remove that extra fat she might have got after pregnancy. But this is also true that there have been many stories that says she really done hard work on her body like crunching about 1000 every day.

Year 2010

Britney Spears 2010Image Credit: Getty
When she reaper in Grammy Awards in Los Angeles, her cheeks was looking bit puffy, may be cheek implants be the reason. But as she had been a fan of botox, looks like she had done that again to smoothen face. Now She looks Identical to her teenage just the black hair. But who knows the true story behind this.

Year 2013

Britney Spears 2013Picture Credit: Getty

In IheartRaido Music festival of Las Vegas, she got back her blonde hair style, You also can see the difference in her face quite noticeable. Now she have bigger eyes and even more wide, all this make her looks about 15 years younger. Do you know this is because of Browlift? But few fans of her also accept that she might have done some minor eye surgery that gave it a lift.

Year 2015

Britney Spears 2015Photo Credit: Getty

Year 2016

Britney Spears 2016Photo Credit: Getty Images

Year 2017

Britney Spears 2017Credit: Getty Images

Year 2018

Britney Spears 2018Source: Pinterest

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