Cate Blanchett after before Plastic surgery

so we are talking about Cate blanchett and will try to figure out if she really had undergone plastic surgery in her life but before we the discussion we should no more about full name of Cate blanchett is Catherine Elise blanchett she was born 14th may 1969 if you talk about her profession she is well known Australian actress and theater director as well. he has already received many international and to academic awards in her life not only this she has already Golden Globe award three times the times bafta awards, the list of awards has on her name is quite big we are not knowing all the awards achieved all through her life in this in this post we are mainly concerned about whether she had plastic surgery. one more interesting fact about blanchett she is among the phone actor and only actress to receive academic for portraying the same role Google moreover she is only Australian who actually able to win two Oscar Awards Dosti was nominated 7 times in Oscar let us talk about her early life as we already mentioned that she was born in 1960 Melbourne suburb of Ivahoe. middle of three children her older brother working as computer engineer and her sister known to be theatrical designer. Her father Robert Dewitt Blanchett, was a navy petty office, who later on started working as advertising executive. Her mother and father met in Melbourne, when their ship broke down near melbourne. But unfortunately her father died due to heart attack, and all responsibilities to brought up the family fall on her mother. Blanchett once had shaved her head when she was in her teenage. She completed her primary schooling from a school in Melbourne, and her High schooling from Ivanhoe Girls Grammar school and then she join Methodist Ladies College, where she found her self more interesting towards acting.

In her early twenties she worked in some nursing home in Victoria. She also studies fine arts as well economics in university of Melbourne. But while she travel to overseas, she had to drop out the studies.

Due to need of money, she accepted a extra’s role as a American Cheerleader in an Egyptian boxing movie, Kaboria. After coming back to Australia she moved to Sydney and start pursuing an acting career, She completed her graduation from fine arts from NIDA in year 1992.

Her major stage role was with Geoffrey Rush in a Sydney Theater company’s Play Named Oleanna. in the exact same year she also cast as Clytemnestra in “Electra. But luckily the actress who was playing main role, pulled out herself, Just after two weeks after the rehearsals. and Director of play decided to cast Blanchett in the main role. This performance of her was appreciated very much in NIDA in 1993. She was awarded Best Newcomer award by Sydney Theater Critics award.

Before And After Photos

Here we are looking at yearly wise pictures of Cate Blanchett’s these pictures may help us to understand the fact if she really had undergone some kind of plastic surgery or any kind of job work, we will start the collection from 2000.

Year 2000

Cate Blanchett's face in year 2000Photo Credit: Getty
This Photo of her from 2000, some Gift Premier it is clearly showing natural looks with yellow white skin, that really doesn’t require much makeup. Just because of this she don’t have much lipstick on her lips to make them more appealing.

Year 2001

Cate Blanchett 2001Credit: Getty / FilmMagic / Bill Davila
ok this picture is taken from the year 2001 at National Board of review award and so as you can see in this picture is minor change start appearing on cate’s face it looks like that she had some kind of minimum amount of makeup that actually suits her let us have a  look on her hair it looks like, that has grown somewhat, then you can easily see that her hairline really doesn’t resemble if  she really need any kind of transplant surgery in coming future.


Year 2002

Cate's face and jawline in front viewCredit: Getty / Hulton Archive / Dave Benett
At the UK London Movie Premier of “Lord Of The Rings: The Two Towers”. In this photo, you are able to clearly observe that when Cate smiles, you will find lines appearing around her jaw area. These are know as smile lines or laugh lines. She obviously has several of these, but in all honesty, they actually looks type of attractive.

Year 2003

Cate Blanchett in 2003Credit: Getty / WireImage / Jim Spellman
In year 2003, at New York Premier of “Missing” She actually looking similar. I just want to give quite consideration to the nose, and some what Jawline along with chin. But still nothing here that can proof that if she still had any kind of cosmetic plastic surgery on her face. I believe She really don’t need this. do you think so

Year 2004

Cate in 2004Photo Credit: Getty Images

She is at Golden Globe awards, Now if you look at her body, Now her breast seems to be bit more described, and become more fuller. I heard that she was pregnant and have given birth to her second son.

Year 2005

Cate in 2005Photo Credit: Bauer Griffin
In the Orange British Academy Film awards at london. She is looking just amazing, again I really don’t find any sign or work done, nothing on her face, there is no sign of anti wrinkle treatment whatsoever.

Year 2006

Cate 2006

Year 2007

Cate Blanchett 2007

Year 2008

Cate in year 2008Photo Credit: Getty / Mike Flokis

Year 2009

Cate 2009 at the Brooklyn Academy of Music in New York City

Year 2010

Cate Blanchett 2010 in SydneyCredit: Getty / AFP / Torsten Blackwood

Year 2011

Cate 2011Photo Credit: Getty / Ryan Pierse

Year 2012

Cate 2012

Year 2013

Cate 2013Source: Valerie Macon / Getty Images

Here in this picture you can see her eyeliner is making her more beautiful, looks like powder she had on her actually doing some work to hide her real age.

Year 2014

Cate 2014Source: AFP / Kevin Winter

Year 2015

Cate 2015Photo Credit: AAP

Year 2016

Cate 2016Credit: Getty Image

Year 2017

Cate Blanchett 2017Photo Credit: Gage Skidmore / Getty

Year 2018

Cate Blanchett 2018Image Credit: Getty

She is actually looking very hot in playing role in Lou” this is her new movie, Ocean’s 8, Which is about to be in cinemas this year, This really make some doubt how she was able to keep her body so fit in this age. she really had few kids, but looks like her hip and waistline really never got out of shape.

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