Awful Plastic Surgery Pics Of Shakira She Was Considerably Far Better Before Operation

Shakira is an all-time-favorite to many men and women who actually spent their time listening and dancing to all her songs while some are fantasizing on her or wishing they were her. One thing is for sure, she can full an event venue for her concert if she has one. Shakira has an amazing voice we all wish we have—that’s for sure but it was not the sole reason for her awesome fame.

Shakira plastic surgery

Shakira after before plastic surgery

She wears clothes in a very trendy way during concerts and shows, she has the body that belly dances like a gelatin, and the face that sails a thousand ships with a must-have nose. Do you know that you can actually have the nose as pretty as Shakira’s? Shakira did it to look presentable in every shoots and music videos, she needs to be as perfect as she can be.

Dr. Aston from New York did her plastic surgery nose job and voila! Pretty as a pickle. She instructed sto fix her nose bridge and make it look pointy and a little slim. She wanted to look young and her cheekbones a little over-powering her face to make her look authoritative.

She aimed to be at her best state and she obviously did it. Even though she’s gaining age as the years go by, she knows how to keep up with the fast pace of beauty.If you want to be like Shakira, go find the right plastic surgeons to do the plastic surgery nose job for you and avoid the fake ones so you can avoid plastic surgery bum because you surely wouldn’t like that. Just remember, Shakira did it, so there is absolutely nothing wrong to t, just have a good reason and you’ll going to be fine.

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