Awful Plastic Surgery Pics Of Kimberly Stewart She Was A Great Deal Better Right Before Surgical Treatment

Being born with a flat nose, Kimberly Stewart most of the times cries after school hours. With a flat nose in the United States in the early 80´s is hard, she proclaimed, adding that you are in Tennessee, where people are in rural areas, life as a kid for her was difficult. That is why, on the age of 10, she made a bold move by taking an advice from a book that she once read and started to stand for herself.

Kimberly Stewart plastic surgery

Kimberly Stewart after before plastic surgery

Still after doing a bold move, people cannot forget that she was naturally with a flat nose, being bullied every single day. She had a rough childhood. Until finally when she and her family moved into other places, her confidence grew back. At the age of 18, she began her acting career. She said that there were nights when she could not sleep because she remembers the bullying done by other kids.

It came to a point where she still remembers it while taping, that is why a director from her early projects, talked to her one on one and provided an alternative solution, a self-confidence booster, a nose job. At first, she was not open with the idea of having a plastic surgery, but because of the director’s persuasiveness, she agreed.After the operation, she said she never felt like what she is feeling now ever before.

She was a changed woman. A very confident woman she said. She said that if she knew that this will be the outcome of having a nose job, she would have done it when she was still a baby, she said laughing. She found her inner peace and became the woman she is now, successful in every movie and television series she have. The interesting part here is that she was reportedly had done a couple of more plastic surgeries.

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