The Real Adriana Lima Looks after and Before having plastic surgery

Being an actress is very, very hard to most of them. Some of them had wished taking different path when they had a chance. I takes a lot of toll in someone’s life; including their private life, love life, and secrets. They don’t get to have their sought after privacy. They should answer every issues and wrong accusations about them if they want to continue being on the top and some of them really hurt them. Most of those things are very personal and would hurt them and their families as well.

Adriana Lima set a boundary as to the things the paparazzi would do to her. But she has no excuse for thos kind of things. She then experienced the lowest kind of rumor she could possible hear in her life.

Adriana Lima plastic surgery

Adriana Lima after before plastic surgery

Accroding to hearsy, she and a boy from the past eloped and left home during the first months of college and this was the reason why she didn’t really finish school and totally earned her degree. According to them, she was a total liar for doing what she did, denying the truth and telling everyone that she has an education when the truth is that she and the guy had a scandalous video that the boy said they had.

This kind of issue spread in a time when she was about to get recognitions for her award-winning performances. And as expected by many, especially the ones who inflected this virus to her, this issue broke her career and everyone though she will just disappear since she has been very silent and elusive from commenting since the issue bursted out. But Adriana Lima is a fighter.

She took her time to rest and move on from the issue. She then decided not to let this issue get into her and thought of a way she could start her new and reinvented self. Until one time, her sister suggested about a plastic surgery procedure that she can avail from renowned surgeons in the town. So she researched and found Dr. Aston. She was excited to come out in the public after her plastic surgery nose job, which she gladly admitted having gone through the procedure, and see how her fans would react in her come-back.

And every was shocked; some were shocked in a good way, others on the opposite side. Her terrible experience made her stronger against issues and inspired her to better her craft and to success over all her hardships and struggles she’s about to face in the future. Contrary to what other thinks, those issues made her stronger and her name even more famous to many people. This is a good example of how a woman, specifically an actress, can stand up after a terrible fall.

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