pics of Adriana Karembeu after before surgery

Adriana Karembeu is the kind of face that when you are staring in a television series, you will definitely be captivated by her natural beauty and grace. It is, of course, on another level, when the television series is running now for eight great seasons.

It must be more than just a pretty face that casted her in that series. That is already a common story of Hollywood´s famous actresses, like Adriana Karembeu for example. Adriana is one of the casts of many shows and films that ran for couple years and made it to the deepest memory of everyone who saw it.

Adriana Karembeu plastic surgery

Adriana Karembeu after before plastic surgery

She played as the love interest of a super genius man who is also awkward with girls, a strong woman a guy left for money and so much more. As a kid, Adriana knows the value of physical beauty. Being one of the most beautiful faces in the show business, she was not separated by emotional violations and bashing from some fans. Because of that, she decided it is time for some great make-over.

After a couple of suggestions and a sincere conversation with her and her family, plus some very close friends, she decided to go for a nose job. Her friends told her that she could just think of it as an enhancement and not changing herself. And also, this will definitely boost and help her self-confidence.

Now, Adriana is still one of the biggest names in Hollywood, and as a living proof, a believer of God and plastic surgery enthusiast, we can all say that it is not a sin if you would like become a better version of yourself, as long as you will never forget and never do something that will be harmful to yourself. She just promotes how women should be open-minded about real beauty and think first before doing anything.

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