Best 5 Pictures Of Nicky Hilton Just After Before Surgical Procedure In Yr 2013

Nicky Hilton knows that whatever she got now, everybody would trade in everything to have them. Being a world renowned Hollywood actress is a feat, but when you come in Hollywood at a very young age, well, that is one impressive talent you got there. That is why Nicky Hilton is a “one in a million” kind of actress. Born in Los Angeles, California, she knows what it takes a lot to be a successful Hollywood actress. It also takes a lot of toll in everything that she has.

Nicky Hilton plastic surgery

Nicky Hilton after before plastic surgery

The series of unfortunate events pulled down her self-confidence and merely almost lost her career because of it. Luckily for her, things go smoothly with the help of her family and friends, and by doing some psychological help from experts, she made it through. After the dark days of her life, she made a decision to get her nose job in a clinic in Los Angeles; it was suggested by her classmate from her elementary.

After the operation, she said that she felt like a new and more improved woman and an actress. She also happily shared about why not doing the plastic surgery way, way earlier, maybe it will prevent those times when she was really down. She said that she was very thankful because of this experience. After the nose job, she regains her career and at the end of the road met her current husband.

He said she was perfect in his eyes and never cared about the nose job she have had. They are now happily married in Los Angeles with their children. She also said that if her kids will ask for the same thing, she will let them have a plastic surgery as she knows what it can bring to the confidence of her kids.

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