Best 5 Pictures Of Marion Cotillard Immediately After Prior To Surgical Treatment In 12 Months 2013

Marion Cotillard was once accused of being mentally ill. According to hearsay, she was so addicted to being beautiful all the time that she had so many plastic surgeries done to her face and body. And that her beauty was all faked and that she was naturally ugly and unattractive. Things like this with Hollywood actresses are not really new; of course, they need to look presentable and worthy of the idolatry.

Marion Cotillard plastic surgery

Marion Cotillard after before plastic surgery

However, some of them just can’t help but overdo being presentable, for like—all the time. This is very important since some them have reasons for doing what they do. Most of the actresses who seem very happy in every camera shot are sometimes the ones who went through something awful during childhood. Marion Cotillard was born with unusually flat nose and flat cheekbones as well. She then has no idea about her gloriousness.

Marion went through something we never want our kids to go through. She was forced to do something she didn’t like; act as an errand girl by a group of pretty girls at school. So she experienced wearing a hideous mascot all over the school premises and pick up garbage at the whole school and one time forced to dance non-stop in front of everyone for hours that she had a high fever and swollen feet after doing so.

The teachers wanted to tell her parents but she disagreed because of fear that the girls might do worse to her. When she reached the legal age, her parents sent her to a good plastic surgeon and got a plastic surgery. Plastic surgery nose job was the last thing she had wished for but she did it to stop the misery she is on. Who would have thought that she’ll be one hot and beautiful Hollywood actress?

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