5 Photos Of Amanda Bynes After Before Plastic Surgery 2014

Amanda Bynes, the best actress in the role of the religion-freak student who scattered the rumor about Olive Pederghast (Emma Stone’s character) had lost her virginity to a boy in a community college.

We all love and at the same time hated her as we watched the film. And although she has been incorporated with addiction problems lately, women out there still love to see Amanda Bynes’ awesome face; her angelic aura, her pretty smile and of course, awesome nose. Rumor has it—Amada Bynes had a plastic surgery nose job. According to the hearsay, she had her nose done in response to a fan’s suggestion on how she can make her look even more attractive.

A fan made a comment on how pretty her face is and her acting but she has a not-so-pretty face. The comment obviously reached Amanda Bynes herself and so, not a month later, she decided to have a plastic surgery nose job.

It has been told that she actually cried because of the comment and was sober about what her fans said about her face. Also, she was considered as a sensitive actress for hearing the thoughts of her valued fans. People say that it was because of her addiction problem that she suddenly became very particular to what others say about her and that it was maybe because she doesn’t want to lose projects and movies. Well, it is obvious that she still loves her job after all.

Her pretty face became even prettier because of a plastic surgery and this plastic surgery before and after photos are huge proofs about how this surgery transformed her into an even prettier actress. And because of this, more fans would appreciate her beauty and idolize her—this will obviously result into more projects and better acting career for her.

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