15 After before Pictures that Reveals Renee Zellweger had Plastic surgery

Zellweger Born in Katy of Texas, on April 25th 1969. Her father was Mechanical engineer worked in the oil refining business. Her monther was a nurse and midwife, she moved to the US in order to serve as governess for a norwegian family in Texas. Zellweger herself likes to described from a family of lazy catholics and episcopalians”

In her high school “katy High school” she was a member of speech team and was also a cheerleader. She was also drama club member of her school. Not only this she also participated in soccer, basketball as well as baseball in 1986.

This famous Oscar award winner star got her big hollywood film break in movie in which she was romatic partner Tom Cruise who is one of most successful stars of hollywood, this was very good chance, that she got her break with such a big star of her time. this film was released in 1996. Named “Jerry Maguire” She not only earn fame with this film but many moviegoers start complimenting her with most refreshing beauty that is not easy to forget. In in this movie she Wowed everyone with her onscreen performance. Basically doing romantic role is not easy, but she did very good job in this movie.

at the time when she was young she had brunette hair, very beautiful eyes, healthy and full lips all this with angelic face, Har High School in Texas named her as Homecoming queen in her school she was among the most beautiful girls and she definitely didn’t have the requirement of any cosmetic treatments at that time

when her Hollywood career was on peak in 2100 another romantic film bricked phone diary from where she actually start getting weight so found sharp she is in her breast size and also looks she had Pur her face as well for the requirement of the role in the movie. this may be possible that have undergone some kind of breast enhancement surgery to fit in the and to give justice to the requirement of the movie but her breast become so large SM moviegoers start questioning whether she had real boobs fake.

show the few years appearance has been a subject of being plastic surgery rumours among the friends and fan following. all these rumours gives rise to many questions about her face and her image now constantly being feature in social media her friends always in wonder if this is Star AC the they are following really have had Botox, any kind of eyelid surgery, or just have some kind of facelift.

today in this post we are going to investigate with the help of images and pictures found on social media websites try to find out if she really had any kind of beauty enhancement.


 Before & After Photos

because she already been quite beautiful it will be very hard to find any difference, in her appearance when she was young and the pictures captured in current. because her personality and looks are constantly being sing and enhancing rumours are obvious, because in every picture come in social media, showing something new and improved then the previous pictures. hi friends she likes to know about the secret she’s been hiding from them, of being so gorgeous and beautiful in looking and the age is also not able to disturb, the look and appearance of this star.

Does Renee Zellweger Have Breast Implants?

Does Renee Zellweger Have A Boob Job?


in these picture in this above picture which was taken while she was a budding actress in 1990 looks like as if she has flat chest but on the second picture that you can see on the right which was just one year later, her boobs seems to be grown up as well, search improvement definitely too many questions how one could have so much improvement in her best with in such a short time frame. but we must not start blaming thought for having plastic surgeries and we should also not, claim that c we had any kind of breast enhancement, the size of abreast maybe because of her weight gain for the movie “bridget Jones” actually she has also confirm in some interviews that in that movie she actually had to wear kind of breast enhanced bras and few times fake breast just to appear healthy in the movie but in actual she really hadn’t had any kind of free on her breasts, because in that movie she needed to look just like an average 135 Pounds British women.

But after “Bridget Jones” sequel come out” there was no significance reduce in the size of boobs fuller and bigger as compare today time she arrived in Hollywood. kind of boob jobs. it looks like that she is true when she said that her breast could only be in just because she is crossing her age30s Fortis. but this is also false that women in Hollywood me like to get implants, specially if the actress are very famous for their looks and talent.

Has Renee Had Botox Injections?

Has Renee Zellweger Had Botox Fillers?


this is actually not a mystery That really hardly had any kind of wrinkle on her face when she was only 20 years old but why her in thirties and there were no wrinkles is this, kind of look when someone is in her mid thirties to speculations and rumours as well. it comes to Hollywood actress it hard to believe that they are not taking any kind butox injections and face fillers.

this actor actually have done few blockbuster movies and very limited media and interviews when she was in Fortis, but one day see all together showed her friends when she finally appear in an public event when she was having completely different face look.

sudden change in the appearance of face how friends agree that she might be having lots of procedures done for years unseen might have also done butox around the brow area. Which helped tighten her skin and other filler so that she would look more younger in front of cameras.

Did She Get An Eye Surgery?

Did Renee Zellweger Get An Eye Surgery?

Now she has bit heavy upper eyelids. This turned her look bit more younger, and make the look of her eyes bit bigger and wider. There were no squinty eyes now. After talking a closer look, She might have possibly got some blepharoplasty, that help her in getting that extra skin from her innner eyelid. Now her brows also appeared bit lower as when compared to her younger photos of her.


Did Renee Have A Facelift?

Did Renee Zellweger Have A Facelift?



Renee’s Transformation

Early Days

Renee Zellweger when she was youngSource: Pinterest

Year 1994

Renee Zellweger 1994Source: Twitter

Year 1996

Renee Zellweger 1996Source: Reddit

Year 2001

Renee Zellweger 2001Photo Credit: Getty

Year 2004

Renee Zellweger 2004Photo Credit: Getty

Year 2009

Renee Zellweger 2009Credit: Getty Images

Year 2012

Renee Zellweger 2012Photo Credit: Jean Catuffe / PacificCoastNews.com

Year 2014

Renee Zellweger 2014Image Credit: Getty

Year 2016

Renee Zellweger 2016Photo Credit: REX

Year 2017

Renee Zellweger 2017Picture Credit: Getty

Year 2018

Renee Zellweger 2018Photo Credit: Getty

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