15 After Before Pictures of Blake Lively to know about Plastic surgery

Blake ellender lively is an American actress, she is well known for her role in TV series “Gossip Girl” She was married to Ryan Reynolds a famous actor of his times.

she was born in 25 1987 in Tarzana of Los Angeles, california. her father ernie lively was an actor and her was a talent scount, she was named after brother of her grandmother. She is known to have German, English and Irish Descent.

Both her parents and all siblings older brother, two half sisters and a half brother, are in Entertainment Industry.

when she was kid parent used to took her to the acting classes they teach in. the reason behind what’s that they really do not want to leave her at home with babysitter. Lively said that she used to watch her parents other in the acting class find her and help her as well learning acting, all this really help her to gain confidence when she grow older in the entertainment industry. when she was just 10 year old she started her career from the movie released in 1998 Sandman. the movie that was directed by her father himself. actually wasn’t actually interested in doing acting me that she wanted to become an actor she wanted to attend Stanford University.

she completed her higher schooling from burbank high school, Shiva senior class president in the school. she was also cheerleader a member of Championship choir.

Erica brother asked some of his talent agent for some auditions for few months during the summer.

how to use auditions she got a chance to work” movie the sister of the Traveling Pants” in 2005.

the TV series” Gossip Girl” hair during 2007 and 2012, c the time a student she wanted to attend college do not wanted to drop her role TV series, so she decided to attend the college part time, while filming the show.

she turns into a hot female suffer from a pretty beautiful Gossip Girl, she was not kind of a soft girl kind of actress, but still this kind of role playing hasn’t actually put an stop speculations about plastic.

this girl was born in California and she had fair amount of rumours that keeps surrounding her attractiveness, old rumours about her,, keep people guessing about her nose job boob job eye surgery, along with lip injections. the speculations doesn’t end our body and face. every time upload a new photo people and friends speculation about cosmetic surgeries.

she was successful in managing herself which gorgeous figure many years despite she call herself a foodie cook. her gorgeous figure really was not affected giving birth to two kids.

many people actually I wonder how she was able to stage show useful throughout all these years, raise questions about cosmetic surgeries, oh she was just following some strict diet with exercise routine.

you can check her photos and compare old opens with the latest one and we can determine weather she was all natural or she also used to take help of cosmetic surgery.

Did Blake Lively Get A Nose Job?

Did Blake Get A Nose Job?
for many years her nose has been a centre of attraction, my looking at the above image you can easily y. if you look at the pictures left side you will notice her nose was quite larger than it looks today. the same goes with her nasal Bridge the nose tip on the both side big difference from then and now. you yourself can easily differentiate difference between these two pictures.

it looks quite possible that she might have rhinoplasty procedure in order to make her nose bit thin in shape in other words we can say that she might a nose job.

Does Blake Have Breast Implants?

Does Blake Have A Boob Job?
all those who have been looking on blake’s throughout career, know that she had a decent boob size, yes sometime her breast to look bit larger at times. but analysing number of pictures, we do feel that it not all the dress she wore. Therefore it is not hard for people to believe that she had a boob job.

furthermore what is the size of her cups actually increased during the pregnancy. Therefore we can say her boobs are real not fake. If could pay close look on her cleavage, we can see there is not breast implants in there.

Has She Had Braces & Dental Veneers?

Blake Lively's Teeth
The picture on the left site was taken when she was in high school. At that time her teeth looks like as if they really need a good dental treatment, Based on this pictures, it looks like she probably had taken some dental treatment, because if you see her picture on the right you will notice they are now in perfect shape, there were no gap, and they are all in perfect shape and size.

What About Her Eyes?

Blake Lively's eyes
After looking at the above two image we can say, it is very hard to say if she had any work done on her eyes, even no sign of eyelid surgery. She always having hooded eyes, so they  are still the same. If you see a different that may be due to some makeup done.


Blake’s Beauty Transformation

Now we will take a look at her transformed during various years, we will try to take deeper look on her facial features, and over all body to know more about any involvement of plastic surgery or any other kind of job work, she had to improve her appearance.

Early Days

Young Blake Lively in her school years
this is rare picture of her shcooling years, yes it is not very clear, but you can easily see that she had crooked teeth, but now she really have beautiful teeth that show, someone have done perfect job on her teeth.

Year 2005

Blake Lively 2005

Year 2007

Blake Lively 2007

Year 2008

Blake Lively 2008Photo Credit: Bauer Griffin

Year 2012

Blake Lively 2012Credit: Getty Images

Year 2013

Blake Lively 2013Picture Credit: Getty

Year 2014

Blake Lively 2014Photo Credit: Getty

Year 2015

Blake Lively 2015Photo Source: Getty Images

Year 2016

Blake Lively 2016

Year 2017

Blake Lively 2017Credit: Getty Images
In this picture I am not sure if you notice about her wrinkles, on her face, They are really not much as compare to other picture, may be have taken botox at such a small age, Looking at the age, it does look fine to doubt about facelift or brow lift. what you guys think?

Year 2018

Blake Lively 2018
After looking at the picture above do you also wonder how she was able to keep her body so slim and trim, ever after giving birth to two kids, this picture showing her doing some shopping, she wore a dress where her legs are looking very sexy, Now doubt comes if she had undergone some treatment or its just because of some exercise she might be doing to keep herself in perfect shape.

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