15 Pictures of Amber Rose before and After Plastic surgery

Amber rose do not really need any introduction, she is American model and actress. She was born on 1983 in philadelphia. Her father is of irish and italian descent, and her mother known from Verdean African and maternal SCottish. They are two brother and sister, her brother name is Antonia hewlett. she was grown up in South Philadelphia. when she was only 15 years old, she began stripping, in order to provide a living to her family. after her parents got divorced.

She came into light or you can say got attention of west, when she appear in a video in year 2008 “Put on” this was a song performed by American hip hop artiest.

Despite this she actually gain much more fame, when she posed for advertisement print media, that features West’s Sneaker line.

She also run for celestino, at new york fashion week. She also made cameos in various music videos. and in year 2009 she was signed by modeling agency Ford Models for one year.

She also appeared in Russel Simmons’s big reallity show, and also starred in a PSA in year 2011. She was judge on season 2 of Master of the mix. in 2011.

After so much rumor and noise about her implants and plastic surgery she finally decided to put an end on all this, and she agreed to reveal the secrets, and she later on admitted and accepted she had plastic surgery. But do you really think she tells that truth, you always wanted to know.

You will be shocked to know..

For the last few decades she has been one of the big hot and most talked celebrity, in the filed of modeling, singing, and business ventures, Everyone likes to talk about her sexy body and amazing big H size boobs. Actually people like to know how she is getting all this without plastic surgery.

She is actually one of the very few celebs who wanted to reduce their back size. She her self confessed on front of millions of her fans on social networking sites, that she actually wanted to reduce the the size of her boobs, because she started feeling pain in back due them. and she also told fans, that she does follow some medical procedures as well!

But her self confession was not enough for many of her fans, they are not ready to accept that they were real, they keep on saying that she is trying to remove her implants that she might have placed inside for so many years ago. But who knows what is the truth behind. But we can check few of her photos and investigate about the fact about her body, is fake or real, we would also like to determine about her face, yes, lips, nose, cheeks, jawbones, hey don’t you think we doing too much ? 🙂


Before & After Photos

In order to determine if she actually got any cosmetic surgery or procedures in previously or in current age, we have many photos, of her life taken from time to time. They will help us in determining the truth behind all the rumors we are listing for so long. These photos would be enough to tell us if she used to go for some medical surgical treatments to keep her body in perfect shape.

Early Days

Amber Rose when she was young at 12 years old.
You are looking at a photos taken way back in 1995, when she was only 12 year old, and her teeth really looks crooked, but now she do not have them in that condition, this is enough to suggest that she might have undergone some dental cosmetic treatment to fix them, like braces, may be Dental Veneers and quite possibly gum contouring treatment in order to fix her bad teeth shape.

Teenage Years

Amber Rose in her teen
Many of you would wonder how she used to look when she was very young, let us put an end to your curiosity. This is a picture of Amber rose when she was young, and this is the proof that she was not black, and this also end all the speculation about having skin whitening treatments, it’s an evidence that she is quite white already. Also if you look closely on her lips, they are already plump, so looks like she really don’t need any lip injections in her later life.


Amber Rose 18 Years Old
We have already read that her parents got divorced when she was only 15 years, and they become homeless, she has to work in a strip club so they can survive. This is a picture of her when she was only 18 years old, she seems to have curly hair, now this style is not often seen in real life.

And you also can see, that she already have big and larger bust size. So looks like she was born with natural big breasts. Or may be she too breast job relatively very early in life.

Amber Rose in her early adulthood
Here is yet another picture of her where you can see, her boobs are looking naturally big in size, if you give a good look on her cleavage it really doesn’t look if she has fake breasts. in this picture she has developed a better sense of makeup and she also have changed her hair style.

Year 2002

Amber Rose 2002 - 19 Years OldAmber Rose with no makeup and a shaved head.
Then in later 19’s of her age she decided to shave her head, this is what normally woman don’t like, but she was too much inspired by Sinead O’Connor, But as expected her style was not very much admired by many people, but when she dye her hair blonde, this look become her trademark or signature mark of style and look.

Features of her face were still the same, and consistent so far. There are not signs of any plastic surgery on her face. No clear evidence of eyelid surgery, lip filler or even a nose job.


Year 2008

Amber Rose 2008Source: Youtube / JeezyVEVO
In this video she appeared just for few seconds, but in that time she added much of sexy flavor to this video.

Year 2009

Amber Rose 2009Credit: Getty Images

Year 2011

Amber Rose 2011Photo Credit: Getty

Year 2012

Amber Rose 2012Credit: Getty Images

Year 2013

Amber Rose 2013Credit: MAP / Splash


Year 2014

Amber Rose 2014Picture Credit: REX

Year 2016

Amber Rose 2016Image Credit: Getty

Year 2017

Amber Rose 2017Photo Credit: Getty Images
This photo is from Young hollywood part in los Angeles, she is looking cracking, with long hair, while she is really showing off her bra size 36! But that is not what we are much concerned, we were caught on her nose, Don’t know why but nasal bridge was looking bit thinner as compared to previous photos, So was it any magic of makeup, or did she have a rhinoplasty procedure?

Actually she was not like other show tries to hide her love for plastic surgery treatments, Because she actually have already confessed her like to reduce the boob size, and botox video that was uploaded by her, This is quite possible she might have not taken a nose job at all.

Year 2018

Amber Rose 2018Source: Instagram @ amberrose

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