15 After before picture of Christie Brinkley A result of plastic surgery

Before we start we would like to give a small intro of christie Brinkley, though she really do not need any introduction. She a very famous actress, model and businesswoman, she get her world wide recognition in 1970, after she dominate sports Illustrated swimsuit calendar for three continue issues. She have been a cover brand of over 500 magazine, and also signed top most brands from fashion and non fashion industries.

She worked as actress, photographer, writer, designer, activist for human and animals right and the environment. She has in married four times, and most talked marriage she had was with musician, Billy Joel, she has appeared in several music videos of him.

Her 4th marriage ended in 2008, with architect peter cook. They got divorced publicly.

With amazing career of 30 years, best magazines like Allure and Men’s health give her a name The most attractive women of all time.

If you talk about her financial wealth in 2018, it is around us$250 million. she is also owner of several companies and real estate.

Her family moved to Canoga park, los angeles, calfifornia, here her mother married to Television writer Don Brinkley. Don happily adopted Christie and her brother Greg Brinkley. at that they they were living in Malibu and they shift to Brentwood of Los Angeles.

She completed her high schooling from Junior high school and also attented Le Lycee Francais de los Angeles from 9th to 12th standard. she completed her graduation in 1973, after that they move to paris, france to study art.

in 1973 she was introduced by an American photographer errol sawyer in a post office. He send her modeling pictures to John Casablancas of Elite model agency.


No one knows that this lady was first discovered and introduced by a photographer, and she will be looking amazingly gorgeous even after 45 years. We are always in doubt and don’t know how they are able to keep their beauty and charm for so long, and why the age never comes in between their fit body. We are well aware that she has her own skin care cosmetic brand like moisturizers, serum, I means everything in beauty care. But when go over 60 years of age, all these product become just waste interms to their usefulness and effectiveness as anti-aging product. right?

But truth can be different we know there are whole lot of people who really believe that christie’s face and body no more a full real and natural, she has been taking various skin and cosmetic treatments, otherwise she would have not been a human 🙂

Our job here not to create controversy over the topic if she had plastic surgery or not, we want to look at her photos found on internet from various sources, and will try to find out the actual truth behind her beauty and tight skin in this age too.


Before And After Photos

We collected various photos of her after she has became a famous actress and model. We’ll analyze her body and facial features like eyes, ears, lips, chin and nose etc so that we can know whether she actually had any kind of cosmetic enhancement done at any stage of her career.

Year 1975

Christie Brinkley 1975
At the age of 22 she has been working a super model of america After she has been introduced by Eileen ford modeling Agency, she was contracted for three advert campaigns in a row. because she really have  a beautiful face, broad shoulders, tight sikly skin and slim body, know as perfect fit for swimsuit modeling and beach photoshoots. This was age when her career started to fly high in the sky and since then she never looked behind.

Year 1979

Christie Brinkley 1979
Christie owned a name in the industry of modeling by appearing three times in world best sports magazine consecutively three time, and she become very first woman to appear on front cover page of sports Illustrated magazine 3 times, in 1979, 1980 and in 1981 issues. if you see at her upper body you will notice that her body was quite flat means she didn’t have much of boobs.

Year 1983

Christie Brinkley 1983

She appeared in her first film “National Lampoon’s Vacation. way back in 1983, and people saw her driving red color ferrari. her face shape and wide jawbones were the most notable feature she has at that time, in this age when most of the woman would like to get their jawline reduced, she keep her and because this was way to her success. she also have a perfect pointy chin that perfectly complimenting her wide jaws, sure, she definitely has a beautiful smile on her face, her straight teeth were straight by birth and she really don’t have to visit a dentist to get the corrected..

Year 1992

Christie Brinkley 1992
In 80s and 90s she really in a position to dominate most of the magazine that were published during these two decades, no one was near to her, she was appearing on almost every publication and magazine cover pages. Not only this she is among very few models who signed a 25 year long modeling contracts with big brands like coverGirl.

Year 1997

Christie Brinkley 1997
Oh, hey look at this first money shot in this photo, don’t you think she has got breast implants, you tell us what is it if not that, because we have seen her previous picture in which she has a relatively flat upper body. but in this photo her boob are looking to bust. We really don’t know how she did that and don’t like to comment on it any more..you can judge yourself.


Year 2000

Christie Brinkley 2000
This photo is when she is 46 year old, she is really looking amazing even at this age, look at her face it looks bit full now, her cheeks are are looking very plump, don’t you think she might have got some face lift or face filler treatment here.

Year 2002

Christie Brinkley 2002
You would be amazed to she her boobs, are you sure that they are result of a boob job, but if they a result of a breast augmentation, than her plastic surgeon has really done a great great job, because the way she is showing her cleavage and breast here in this photo, it is really very very hard to tell if they are not natural. They are looking so natural. So well done doctor.

Year 2004

Christie Brinkley 2004
In this photo she is in a party where sports illustrated swimsuit magazine is celebrating her 40th anniversary issue, in new york city, Now do you really think she is of 50 years in this photo, come one you just can say, at first look she is just looking around 32 year only. She has really maintain her body so fit no sign of age, here in this photo. Whatever she is doing to maintain her body that fit, we have to give full credit to her, because at this age, plastic surgery or other treatment like Liposuction, tummy tuck or good diet plan can have limited effect. What do you think?

Year 2008

Christie Brinkley 2008

Year 2009

Christie Brinkley 2009


Year 2012

Christie Brinkley 2012

Year 2014

Christie Brinkley 2014

Year 2015

Christie Brinkley 2015

Year 2016

Christie Brinkley 2016

Year 2017

Christie Brinkley 2017
Don’t tell she is is over 62  years here in this photo no body is going to believe you, but truth is truth, in this photo she looks like as she have got herself few lip injection as her both lips lower and upper appearing tobe plumper than before, All credit goes to her eye makeup she had in this photo, she is looking just as beautiful as she is only 35 year old..

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