10 Amazing Plastic Surgery Pictures Of Marilyn Monroe Right After Surgery She Is Much More Incredible

The actress who managed to have her own huge monument erected somewhere plenty foreign visitors come to check it, Marilyn Monroe. Who doesn’t know her? Even the generations after the one she left behind know her and her fame will probably go on and on. She and Audrey Hepburn shares the same level of fame, she probably has a slight advantage though. She started in show business young only to die young.

Marilyn Monroe plastic surgery

Marilyn Monroe after before plastic surgery

Rumor has it that she committed suicide for having a sad and depressed life after becoming a victim of rape. But do you know what else rumor has? Rumor also has it that she had a plastic surgery nose job during her fame. No wonder why her nose seemed so perfect. Her tantalizing and provocative eyes matched her slim pointy nose all thanks to her plastic surgery nose job.

She had an amazing smile that magnified her pointy nose and it showed in her different film and television appearances, most especially during close-ups. It is an absolute bummer that she died young and the worst part is that behind her beautiful smile, no one noticed her pain. But even though she passed away, regardless of the reason, she still remained in the hearts of those who idolized her and whose lives were touched by her.

She made it clear that beauty should be flaunted with confidence. Natural beauty will always be the best; however, enhancing it was not a crime. Everyone is entitled to their own actions and so was she.We will always remember the woman with interest y body, great smile and awesome nose that is perfected by a plastic surgery nose job that will always remind the world that even the prettiest woman in her prime aimed to be the best she can possibly be until she reached the end of her life.

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