10 Amazing Plastic Surgery Pictures Of Jessica Parker Immediately After Operation She Is More Astounding

Jessica Parker is one of the hottest actresses in Hollywood; a hot cougar, an amazing actress and a classic beauty. She is not only pretty but very interest y as well. Only, rumor has it that it was not all natural. She has gone through different plastic surgery procedures before and every single time she has major roles, she make sure she reinvents herself with new procedures. Still after doing a big step in her life, people just keep on remembering that she was naturally with a flat nose, despite of other amazing features of her body. She had a rough childhood because of her nose though.

Until finally a talent scout, she finally entered show business. After reaching a legal age, she began her acting career. She said that there were still nights when she could not sleep feeling hating about herself because she remembers the bullying done by other kids and she regrets letting them do it to her.

Jessica Parker plastic surgery

Jessica Parker after before plastic surgery

It came to a point where she still remembers it while taping, that is why a director from her early projects, talked to her one on one and provided an alternative solution, a nose job. At first, she was not open with the idea of having a plastic surgery, but because of the director’s persuasiveness, she agreed.After the operation, she felt more alive and more confident of who she is and what she has.

A very confident woman she said. She found her quiet and became the woman she is now, successful in every movie and television series she have. The interesting part here is that she was reportedly had done a couple of more plastic surgeries. But who are we to judge, right? That makes them happy and as long as we like what they offer in our televisions and big screens, then we should keep patronizing them.

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